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Jen to Ang -- You Back-Door B***h

11/12/2008 4:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keep Jen Aniston and Angelina Jolie out of the same room, if at all possible.

Aniston calls out the woman who stole Brad Pitt from her in a Vogue sitdown, saying it was "really uncool" Angie kept yapping about "how she couldn't wait to get to work every day" to see Bradley. "I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss," says Jen.

Meanwhile, Jen says John Mayer has "matured" since they started hooking up.


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first!!!!!!!!!!!! if i was jen i would kick angies pregnant ass. now her humanitarian ass is trying to adopt all these kids to make herself not look so much like a bitch

2170 days ago


It's about time Aniston said something to that skank Jolie. What a tramp. But John Mayer mature? Doubt it. She is desperate at this point to be with him.

2170 days ago

damn ur dumb    

oh god...Jen is not the first and only woman to be hurt by a man. Sorry to say, you gotta roll with the punches and get over it. She is trying way to hard to gather the sympathy of the media and her "fans". That was years ago....time for a new topic. If she hopes to keep a man, she better stop reliving that time in her life.

2170 days ago

damn ur dumb    

It was tacky of Angelina but she was married to Brad. He was obviously no good....time to realize that, get over it, and press on with life.

2170 days ago

northern gypsy    

hummm...alittle to late...J.A. should have spoke out at the time all the drama...what is going on with her & J.M. ??? I'M NOT BUYIN THE "MATURE" SPIN...tmz get on it...find out what's really happening...

2170 days ago

northern gypsy    

hummm...alittle to late...J.A. should have spoke out at the time of all the drama...what is going on with her & J.M ??? I'M NOT BUYIN THE "MATURE" SPIN !!! tmz get on it...find out what's really happening...

2170 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

She is only making press-she knows that hollywood is all about money money money.she didn`t make as much as brad`s new hollywood coupleship over.she can`t find a NEW money hose Yet and shes ageing SOS write some dirt gets some cash.She should be better than that she once was but hollywood eats`um up and females get the worst of IT.She could be a sweet heart if she shuts her big yapper

2170 days ago


Oh who cares about Maniston anyways.

2170 days ago


Don't worry about it Jen, what goes around comes around and I can honestly say that Brad is not as happy as the media is making him out to be. In my opinion he looks much older and he looks like he needs a good bath .... I have no doubt that he loves his children but I think he would like to be semi-rid of Angelina right about now. I know it's hard but don't waste too much emotion on the fact that he is now with her. Another truth is that no one can steal a mate from you .... if that person truly loves you then he or she is with you no matter what. It's obvious that you truly loved Brad and in my opinion you would have never left him to be with someone else. Brad went willingly, he was not forced. Let them have their relationship and one day you "will" see it unfold. If a relationship does not start of even ground it will not last I don't care what it appears to be. Leave them alone, make no more comments to the media and enjoy your life ..... try hard to do this, eventually it will get easier ....

2170 days ago


If I was Jen I'd kiss the whores ass! And Brad your an ass, you will both get what coming to you, and to think you see b=Billy's name every day on her p- - - you are just as sick as she is. Any body that takes a married person is going to hell so are you Brad.
Be happy Jennifer!

2170 days ago


I think Jen showed great restraint in not saying anything publicly until now. And for the record she looks awesome on the cover. I like John Mayer and wish they were still together.

Angie has always been a skank. No way she can change now. Just saw on one of those reputable rags in the grocery store, and they're saying she's pregnant again. I guess she's trying to start her own country.

Brad's an idiot and will be lured away by another skank. Jen got off easy.

Brangelina? BARF!

2170 days ago

Nate R    

To say that Angelina Stole someone..... If brad and Jen were so secure then brad wouldnt have gone elsewhere.... Brad and Angleina are happy now. Brad wanted to be a father and Jen wasnt ready....Brad obviously found someone who also wanted to have kids. Maybe guilt is a force to keep someone in a situation where they arent happy.... but to me, it looks like all those people who hate Angelina are jealous that they wouldn't have the guts to make themselves happy and do what they want. You guys need to have more compassion and see things from other peoples point of view. You jealous girls really need to empower yourselves cause guys arent really into jealous girls who rely on them to be led.

2170 days ago


She is just trying to set the record (if you can) straight. I have admired her so far for being as classy. But you have to be honest and show your anger because it will come out eventually. So yeah, jen handled this good; you know it. and, while i admire what the jolie pitts are doing for humanity, what ab out the humanity she didn't show to jennifer, how right it that? it is really mean to do what jolie did--that's not right; we all know it! And to the person who said move on; she has! your previous life doesn't ever evaporate; just think of your childhood, does it come and go??? of course. She has moved on and I'm proud of her!
btw, i'm not a jennifer, angelina or pitt fan at all. just a humanist!

2170 days ago


Angelina is a home-wrecking whore. Plain and simple. She is just now getting around to admitting it. Yes, it takes two, and Brad is at fault as well, but there is no reason for Angelina to talk about it publicly after all of this time. What a skank.

2170 days ago

Lite it    

Ha -ha , Does anyone really believe that a man can be STOLEN? That is bs and she only has herself to blame. I watched an interview a LONG, LONG , LONG time ago when she was still married to Brad. What a self centered, self absorbed joke she came off as.How could she keep any man?? Brad just happen to grow up and move on. If shes still crying about it mybe she should seek professional help.

2170 days ago
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