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Jen to Ang -- You Back-Door B***h

11/12/2008 4:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keep Jen Aniston and Angelina Jolie out of the same room, if at all possible.

Aniston calls out the woman who stole Brad Pitt from her in a Vogue sitdown, saying it was "really uncool" Angie kept yapping about "how she couldn't wait to get to work every day" to see Bradley. "I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss," says Jen.

Meanwhile, Jen says John Mayer has "matured" since they started hooking up.


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as they say, it takes two to was Brad's fault as well as Angie's fault...but that's how cheating begins and how marriages break loyalty, no restraint. I think Jen should have spoken up in the past and now it sounds a bit dramatic.

2171 days ago


Brad belongs to Angelina now and they have 6 kids. She can say whatever she wants about how happy he makes her or made her.

Jen is just the divorced former wife without children. She has no further claims and should STFU.

2171 days ago


glad Jen finally said something, i'm all for being stoic, but they just keep rubbing their lives in her face. told my husband that's why women don't like angelina, she broke up Billy Bob's marriage, and then Brad and Jen's. she might be the most beautiful woman in the world (subjective) and she might be the new Mia Farrow as far as adoping all her kids, but she's got the big black stain of adultery on her forehead

2171 days ago


jen's a suckey whiney has been.

2171 days ago


Brad Pitt never made a secret about wanting to have children and he wanted to have them while married to Jennifer. She was not ready to be a parent. Therefore, along came Angelina with one son adopted and ready for more. And now Brad and Angelina have lots more. I have no sympathy for Jennifer. She made a choice and so did Brad. I suggest that everyone get over it. And the press should stop rehashing it.

2171 days ago


No one can 'steal' a boyfriend or a husband. That's sooo High School. A man usually decides for himsel who he wants to be with.

2171 days ago


Women nver like any woman who is thinner, richer, or more feminine than they are.

2171 days ago


yes -- why is it that each and every passing day there's some comment made public by angelina about the herself and the babies?

the babies are smiley. i'm a jetlagged mom. i screwed brad during the making of Mr. and Mrs. Smith -- while he was still married.

what's going on? is this necessary? she seems to want to flaunt this stuff in jen's face for all the world to see.
i don't think it's cool. in fact, it's uncool.
she seems to be purposely provoking jen's anger in a public arena.

is there a doctor of psychology out there who cares to comment?

2171 days ago


Jen also said she feels she's lucky in love & she & Brad get along amically. They do speak to each other occasionally. I wish people would quit saying she just wants sympathy because he she doesn't need it. She's at a good place & she & her mother do have a good relationship. She said her mother has changed & at 73, she's in love.

2171 days ago

Will Towers    

J.A. is kinda loosing it. Sure her career is in the tank because everyone hates her. I don't blame Brad one bit. A.J. will swallow and take it in the rear. Can't beat that with a stick!

2171 days ago


First -- Jen was reacting to recent comments by Angelina, not starting the conversation. I just keep remembering Angelina asking a reporter (when questioned about her relationship with the married Brad), "what kind of woman do you think I am?" and denying any relationship with him. Well I guess we know now what kind of woman she is -- an adultress and a liar.

2171 days ago

Sue Wong    

I don't go for infidelity BUT Jen wasn't keeping Brad happy. She was into herself and being a real you know what. The man wanted kids and a family. I like Brad and Angie together now. Jen needs to move on.

2171 days ago

Use your head    

Go Jen!!!! AJ is the one who opened up that can of worms by announcing all that crap about Mr & Mrs. Smith. I can not believe she displayed that much disrespect to her boyfriends marriage in telling the whole world what should have been private. The only reason she said it was to hurt Jen.. she is very calculating - that was not a mistake. Jen piped back with the same class and dignity she has always displayed.. :)

2171 days ago


Jennifer should just quit already. She always wants people to feel sorry for her....weird... just move on .... do something good for others like Angelina is doing...

2171 days ago

Di from Chey    

Bet ole going on 40 Jeniifer Anniston regrets not starting a family with Mr. Pitt. The marriage might have worked. They made a good looking couple but now it's Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie who are the "it" couple.

2171 days ago
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