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Rivers Runs Through

Michelle O's Wardrobe

11/12/2008 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers tore into the First Lady-Elect's wardrobe yesterday, whining that Michelle O needs to start channeling Jackie O -- stat! Then again, what the hell does Joan Rivers know about fashion?!
Joan Rivers: Click to watch


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hot snot    

Mrs Obama will never channel Jackie O...she does not have the manners or personality to do so. Im not saying it's necessarily a "bad" thing, what I am saying is that she won't wait to speak until spoken to, she isn't that kind of lady

2139 days ago


Mrs Obama is one of the most smart, classy andattractive ladies of our time. Instead of looking at how a person look or dress start concentrating on how this woman is going to help her husband realize a dream for all of us as a people. Why not focus your energy on how we all can help these two people bring the USA back to prominence.

2139 days ago


Please you havent seen nothing yet just wait michelle will put most of you haters under the table not just with her style but with her looks,her wisdom and knowlege and as for that plastic old ass women joan go sit under the sun and melt away!!!

2139 days ago


To obama rules - ummm, well, he'd like to anyway...that is exactly the problem the the other half who didn't vote for him have....he thinks "he rules", and his minions think he does as well. He's not Jesus Christ. Truly frightening.

2139 days ago


Joan Rivers has immaculate taste. What a lot of people fail to realize is, classic clothing will always be the standard. By classic, I do not mean dowdy.
This person who unfortunately will represent our country will stick out like a sore thumb.
Just because one has money, (through questionable means, ) does not mean one has taste.
Some of you will throw rocks at Joan, but believe me, she knocks the spots off the person in question...
This country is becoming a free for all society; all rules are being thrown by the wayside- THE LEAST one can do is dress well and make a nice presentation to the rest of the world.

2139 days ago

The Boss    

Joan Rivers your face looks like melted play-doh...please you have no right

2139 days ago


wtf? i didn't know she could still move her mouth with all that plastic surgery.

2139 days ago


All those old ass white men of the political world its a new day for you go home and retire theres a CHANGE in tthe air YES WE DID!!!!!

2139 days ago


Michelle is not trying to be like Jackie...she could care less about Jackie's style. Jackie my have had style (in some peoples opinion) but she sure was fugly. Michelle is not beautiful...but I wouldn't say she is ugly. doesn't matter...she has a man who thinks the world of her and she's married to the president elect!!! Her life is full of joy and that's all that matters...what people think of your style and looks is so irrevelent.

2139 days ago

Di from Chey    

I thought she was dressed in typical African garb. But I also think it looks somewhat like a black widow. As for her countenance, she does look mad/evil.

2139 days ago

Bianca IS TRASH -    

Hate to say it but Joan Understated MO issues. She is an ugly, mean, arrogant hypocrite.
AND she dresses like crap - consider how RICH she is (and she tells other people NOT to get good jobs) but sucks off the fame of her babies daddy to get a GIGANTIC raise while NOT actually doing any work..... just despicable.

2139 days ago


The last person I want Ms. Obama attempting to behave like is Jackie O! Please. This woman sat around and did nothing in the White House except watch her husband and all his realtives cheat on their wives. The whole Kennedy clan of men were cheaters.

All the crap about her style, her grace, her class. Blah, blah, blah. She was a door mat! Ms. Obama is nothing like this. I'm ready for a change and that includes a first lady with a mind of her own! Not worring about her style. Which by the way is perfectly fine, her mind is on more important things instead of the china in the cabinet! Thank goodness for that! Hello, she is a lawyer, all of you woman should be thinking like myself on this one, not to makes you as bad as Cindy McCain! That tool.

2139 days ago

Di from Chey    

Another comment....I hope the obama's don't color corrdinate their attire for photo ops

2139 days ago


As I recollect, Jacqueline Kennedy had issues with mental illness, medication because she was neurotic, and insecurity. She was obsessed with high fashion, furniture, and fame. In reality, the one time I saw her in NYC back in 1966, she was not a nice person at all.

In the present, Michelle Obama does come across as a militant who dislikes white and alot of other people. High fashion, furniture, and fame are not what she is about. Mrs. Obama should be invited to consult with the elegant actress Dianne Carroll who herself was married to a white man - Vic Damone.

Frankly, I don't think the Obama family will be held in high esteem four years from now. We are in for difficult times. The changes you are expecting are false.

By the way, is the white grandmother - Mrs. Dunham still in a Hawaiian deep freeze. Isn't it odd that Michelle Obama has so little respect for her president-elect husband's grandparent? Give the elderly lady a dignified departure already!!!

2139 days ago

Just my opinion    

I must agree the dress was very ugly. I also noticed the way she stands, its awful............she had her feet pointed outward and she slouches. If she is going to be in the public eye I think they should get her a few modeling lessions.
I don't know what they are going to do to her hair that is in bad shape along with her buck teeth. Well, at least the first kids are cute and hopefully we will see more of them and less of her.

2139 days ago
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