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Jennifer Aniston:

I Am So Dating John Mayer

11/13/2008 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston appeared on Oprah today, and she actually talked. And smiled!

Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 9.17.56 AM

The two not only discussed Jen dating John Mayer, but they also talked about her feelings toward Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile. Oprah definitely has the power to get people to talk about anything.


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sparkys nemesis    

I agree with the first blogger. I'm tired of both of 'em but Aniston more because what has she accomplished? Shops on Robertson Blvd., shows her tiny tush at the beach, and flashes her boyfriends (look, I'm in love...again). Problem? She's nearing 40 and wants to be 16 again maybe. Contrast that with the humanitarian work of Angie or hey, even Oprah. What has Jen "done" lately?

2078 days ago


Jim don't get jealous cause they have more money and men than you do!

2078 days ago

Loud and talentless    

I couldn't agree more, GO AWAY!!! My stomach flips whenever I see ORCA! Especially if I hear that screaming voice of hers. She thinks she's it!
And ANYONE could have played the role on Friends that made this chick "famous." Seen one of her movies? She is EXACTLY the SAME in every role.

2078 days ago


*Um, to promote my movie I will talk about Pitt and Jolie, yes, to create a buzz.* Is the movie that bad it can't create its own buzz. The book was good, so this movie should be good too. (Jen, I thought you were above this... how is it different the John Mayer talking to the media. Talking to the media about a relationship is talking to the media about a relationship. No matter who you're talking to, Oprah included!)

2078 days ago


She is forever a 16 - 25 year old. She loves that era. She will not age well due to her insecurities.

2078 days ago


look who she has to settle for , what a joke of a woman!
contract or not she is a LOSER!

2078 days ago


Jennifer aniston thinks she is it but i don't think so she nothing but a whore and oprah just there marveled in the funny mess she is not all that with that big ass head running from man to man is UNCOOL plus she CANNOT ACT there is nothing funny about her and that john guy he is so childish i don't know what jennifer thinks what life the yboth can have in the future am glad for brad she never wanted kids please i hope it last so far they diong a good job.

2078 days ago


Why is she always wearing tanks? Doesn't she have anything else in her closet?

2078 days ago

bsb fan    

Jennifer Aniston does do more than shop. You just don't see her adopting babies all over the damn world and stuff like Angelina.

She does support charities... here's a website:

Just because you dont hear her doing anything, doesn't mean she doesn't!

2078 days ago



2078 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

#23, Angelina doesn't just "adopt" kids... she is actually a Goodwill Ambassador.. lets see Jen do that!!

2078 days ago


Oh God, Jen is such a sad sack. Get over it you pathetic woman.

Brad Pitt left me for HOT Angelina , poor me. America feel sorry for me…..
Brad and Angelina are happy and have great beautiful family. This something Jennifer will never have and she knows it.
Even if Brad and Angelina don't last they'll always be connected because of their kids.
Jen get a life and move on already

2078 days ago

dirty martini    

Uh, Jen.....if it was "100 years ago, I don't care there"....then why did you say it was "uncool." Why didn't you just answer the question: "I dont go there, it was 100 years ago",hhhhmmmm?

methinks you protest too much. You SO go there. You talked about Brad too, and very very nicely and with a bit of wistfulness.

You SO go there!

2078 days ago


Team Brangelina!! All i have to say is Brad and Jen were married for 7 years and look where they got??....... Brad and Angelina arent married and are more of a real family than jen and brad ever were. GET OVER IT!!!! BRAD IS WITH ANGELINA AND JENNIFER MANISTON IS A COUGAR,lol!!!! seriously though to all the maniston whiners, Angelina is better all around. Shes a better actress, shes prettier, more entertaining, just more everything. Shes better, im sorry. deal with it.

2078 days ago


Why is TMZ so surprises that Jen answered Oprah's questions? Oprah did it in a respectful manner instead of screaming uncouth things out to her on the streets.

2077 days ago
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