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Sam Ronson -- Furious About Flour

11/15/2008 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson is coming to her woman's defense and telling PETA to back off.

"I'm pissed at the bag of flour thrown on Lindsay last night" railed Samantha Ronson on her blog today. She added that the woman who doused Lindsay not only "acted liked an animal herself" but that it was actually an "insult to animals to group her in with them."

Sam also calls PETA's previous apologies too little too late, and insists they should actually thank celebrities who wear fur since they are one of the only things keeping the agency relevant.

Sam doesn't mince words when it comes to her lil' LiLo!


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Eat a PETA, they taste like chicken (but as with shrimp, you have to de-turd them).

2136 days ago


I don't think the agency likes to do it to stay relevant's just a good pr move to get the attention of others to a good cause...unlike lindsays attempts to stay relevant by showing her firecrotch and her braless boobs any chance she gets for her own self-centered famewhore thank you for showing us how rich you are by killing innocent animals...

2136 days ago


Go lick a fire crotch, Sam.

2136 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Ronson is a dimwit. And ugly. And she smells.

2136 days ago


Lilo looks like Chucky from Child's play.

2136 days ago

Matthew Simpson    

The day I take advice from club DJ is....well, never.

Some cheese with your whine DJ Nobody?

2136 days ago

Tab Row    

I do not agree with wearing fur. Anything that involves harming animals isn't for me. (hunting, even fishing) But this is America and as Americans we have the FREEDOM to express ourselves. We control our lives, not the government and definitely not PETA. We all should mind our own business and be proud that we have the honor to do as we please.

2136 days ago

Surgery Alert    

Awww..poor Lindsey got 'floured'..
imagine what the poor animals went through
so her and all the other insecure bimbos
that feel the need to wear a dead animal
to make themselves look better.
Electrocution, beating, skinned alive..
next time that faux bi
puts a fur on, perhaps she'll think twice..
I dont think she has the capacity to even think..

Heh Lindsey..
this will get your name in the papers..
try this..
You now realize that wearing a 'dumb animal'
makes you look like the 'dumb animal'..
you've now decided to become a compassionate person
with brain and decided that anyone that has a
soul would not put an animal thru this..

You phoney ass bi schtick is running out of gas..
you need a new angle..

Hey girl..go for'll
surely make the papers..
and the savy public knows you thrive on this.

Good luck with your 'career' :)

2136 days ago


Shut up Sam...stupid carpet muncher.

2136 days ago


Hey Tab, ever heard of an endangered species...oh, probably not.

2136 days ago


Well looks like karma is biting lilo in the rear you reap what you sow I guess she should have chose her words carefully when she called Obama colored.

2136 days ago


Oh, and flour is so much dealier than what the animals she's wearing went through. *sigh*

2136 days ago


PETA is known for addressing many animal abuse issues, not just for throwing flour on fur-wearing celebrities. Maybe Sam needs to read a bit more to see beyond the Hollywood microcosm. And no, I'm not a member of PETA.

2136 days ago


who cares if this idiot is furious? DONT apologize PETA. Sam and Lindsay should be ASHAMED they are wearing fur.

2136 days ago


If everyone in the world stopped wearing fur, PETA would then start throwing stuff at celebrities who order a steak at a restaurant.

PETA will not be happy until everyone thinks like they do and does what they say.

2136 days ago
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