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Britney's Conservator -- Tap This!

11/17/2008 3:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Spears was drinking at a bar this weekend. But contrary to several reports, we're told it was NOT alcohol.

Spears was at Big Dean's "Muscle In" Cafe in Santa Monica Friday night. He was bellied up at the bar, drinking two or three glasses of something. We're told it was O'Doul's, not beer.

If Jamie had been drinking beer it would be a big deal -- he's a recovering alcoholic and guzzling suds could jeopardize his conservatorship over Britney.

We're told he drank his O'Doul's and walked out with a cheeseburger and chili fries.

There were reports the liquid came from a tap. We checked and turns out O'Doul's does come in keg form. We did not know that.


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P Diddy    

O'Douls does contain small amounts of alcohol. Not good for anyone in recovery. And why would he drink THREE of them?

2134 days ago


Actually O'Doul's has a .4% alcohol content. Alcoholics shouldn't drink AT ALL.

2134 days ago


We learn something new every day! AND- if you like the taste of beer (I do) it hits all of your beer buttons!

2134 days ago


O'Douls does contain alcohol, just not a lot of it.

2134 days ago


damn tmz you must be really bored.

2134 days ago


Drinking even O'Doul's is not good. I have a friend who's an alcoholic, and when he starts pounding the O'Doul's (which DOES have alcohol), I know he's in trouble. Six O'Doul's = 1 beer, so don't anyone kid yourself.

2134 days ago

Ron Jeremy    

Kanye's love lockdown single pushed "I have officially self-destructed" deep into 2009 where it will be released as a mixtape. More details will be released through the Associated Press. Please stay tuned as repeated calls into 49cents camp went unanswered.

2134 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

O'Douls is also called "near beer" since it has a very low alcohol content. However, any recovering alcoholic will tell you that even drinking "near beer" is a no-no. People I know who have been (and are currently participating) in recovery will tell you that your habits need to change as much as your drinking. Recovering alcoholics are strongly urged NOT to go to any bar and definitely stay away from ANYTHING that resembles drinking booze.

Jamie should stick to soda, juice, water, coffee... anything that does NOT have alcohol!

2134 days ago


Did you know that non-alcoholic beer has about the same alcohol content as orange juice.

What bothers me about this story is the fact that he's taking part in the ritual of drinking. Whether is alcoholic or not, it still tastes like beer. It's cutting it too close to that fine line. I hope he doesn't do it often.

2134 days ago


This moron should not be anywhere near a bar. Damn, this family is so fricking stupid!

2134 days ago

P Diddy    

Whoever mentioned alcoholics in recovery can't go to bars or wherever alcohol is served doesn't know much about alcoholoics in recovery ( 6 yrs sober myself ) We can go to anywhere alcohol is served, as long as we are in fit spiritual condition.

2134 days ago


Cheese burger and chili fries... YUUUUMMM!!

2134 days ago


Hello!!! O'Douls does contain alcohol. You just need to drink more of them to get the buzz. Wrong thing for any one with a history of alcohol abuse to do. I will keep him in my thoughts. BTW: No! Orange Juice contains no alcohol, get your facts straight Miss Gypsy

2134 days ago


O'Douls contains alcohol!!! TMZ please report on real celebrities now.

2134 days ago


He is doing good and if he wants a near beer let him be.Everyone out there is so perfect. Yeah, right.My husband was a recovering alkie and he had some near beers once in awhile and it did not affect him at all.Stayed sober for 11 years until he died.

2134 days ago
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