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Barack's Blacker than He Looks

11/18/2008 6:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama has been keeping a secret from the American public ... and it's right there on top of his head.

BO's Chicago barber Zariff (just one name) says the Prez-elect's head of hair isn't quite as silvery-gray as it might appear in high-def. "When we see it, it looks very silvery and shiny," the scissorhand tells Us. "But of course when you see him in person, it doesn't look like that."

He's not making any assurances about Barack once he does his thing in office.


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I agree people put race aside and came together for the better of this country.It's plain to see TMZ does not like our President Elect.This site is for fluff not real issues.

2165 days ago



2165 days ago

Rebie Johnson    

#27 LWOOD you have nothing hateful to say about my messiah???? maybe its the second coming of Jesus!!! What's up with this kool-aid mess, I don't get it, would you care to share

2165 days ago


What's up with the title TMZ? Oh that's right, you're the people that love to use any little thing to start racial comments just to get more comments on your board. TMZ spreads too much hate with their news. Reporting on something that concerns the people is more productive. And you do so little of that TMZ.

I agree with a lot of people on here too. You all post the dumbest things when there's slow news. When there is slow news just don't post anything. That seems a little smarter don'tt you think?

2164 days ago


This is the stupidest story I’ve heard in a minute, so what about his hair or gray hair, you idiots will talk about anything. You all are just mad that BARACK OBAMA will be The President of The United States of America and that he is a black man, LOL!!! You all need to stop with the racist remarks and grow the F**K up and to be honest I’m a white woman and I’m just appalled how ignorant one could be. If you don’t care for Obama then move out of the United States or kill yourself, other wise shut the F**K up!

2164 days ago


Rebie, #32:
"Drink the kool-aid" is a reference to the mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana in November, 1978.
Jim Jones directed his followers to commit suicide by drinking cyanide mixed in grape aid. Almost
1000 people killed themselves because HE TOLD THEM TO. It's a comment on the "sheep mentality",
following a leader because he says what you want to hear.
My comment was that I respected the President-Elect but was not going to follow the pack and "drink the kool-aid"
because he says so. He needs to prove himself.

2164 days ago


An election for President of the U.S has concluded. This is not an unusual is repetitive every four years. A President elect hs been established. This is Not an historical event. The attribution of "historical " in this case, because Obama is Black, makes it a race issue. Case closed.

2164 days ago


Sugar: Helloooo!! Ain't no Slave ruling the house. .........You are the slave. Slave to your own pity & bittrness. You are the Massah of your own bitter & pitiful, hate mongering plantation. You da' slave ruling your own pathetic house. You da' only one who thinks that you are only good enough to wipe people's asses. Get your head out of your own bitter ass. Da only reason dat you did not get ahead, is because yo stupid in yor own right. Not all blacks stupid like you. Educate yourself to a dose of reality. And for the record , New black Massa "ruling the house" will not pick you up from the gutter that you thrive in. He in adifferent world now. Status, power, money . Ring a bell ?? Race , family, friend. He has already shown us the facility with which he disowns them in order to serve his own purpose. You are backing thewrong "dark" horse.

2164 days ago


Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl. You do recognize the word : Democracy { the premise}. Freedom of choice is inherent. No-one has to leave the country because they do not like Obama. As well, one cannot presume that they do not like Obama, because he is black. Nor do you have the right to tell people to shut up.. for expressing an opinion. Democracy allows for freedom of speech. Which is a shame in your case because you are ignorant & rude,& extremist. Advising that if someone "doesn't care for Obama.then, shut -up, leave the country, & worse yet.."kill yourself". Well , if you voted for Obama, it is perfectly understandable__________you have poor comprehension of a "Democracy". You mistake it for a "Dictatorship".

2164 days ago


You people are very racist. You are all going straight to hell.

2163 days ago
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