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Michelle Obama -- First Bootay

11/19/2008 3:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One thing that hasn't been pointed about our new First Lady -- her bootyliciousness. just decided to go there with Michelle Obama, with a black woman fully laying out an appreciation of Mrs. O's back side: "She has coruscating intelligence, beauty, style and -- drumroll, please -- a butt," writes Erin Aubry Kaplan. "Yes, you read that right: I'm going to talk about the first lady's butt."

Meanwhile, we're told Mrs. O is "very interested" in the prestigious Sidwell Friends school in DC for her girls, but might want them to blaze a different trail than Chelsea Clinton, who also went to Sidwell, so other schools could be in play.


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just wondering    

Sh eis a black racist B*itch. She scares the crap out of me.

2142 days ago

M & M    

Her big ass matches her oversized big mouth! Can't stomach her!!!! Class, style and beauty = Sarah Palin

2142 days ago


Why don't you people let her alone---including TMZ---I fear for these people and there future in the white house. This country is far to raciast with the hate groups that still exisit. I fear for there lives with all the crazies out there!! Leave them alone and let them be happy. They deserve it----this country has treated blacks terrible throughout history.

2142 days ago

Bobby D.    

Don't give Mrs O crap for what God gave her. You may want to chase down those styling and wardrobe gaffes. So funny that the flamer libs will slaughter a well meaning Sarah Palin but then cry foul when people take issue with Michelle's pronounced distaste for America or whitey. TMZ did nothing wrong.

2142 days ago


TO imho:

2142 days ago

Just my opinion    

She has a big ass to match her big mouth

2142 days ago

grossed out    

GROSS SHE HAS HUGE HIPS>>>SHE"S GOING TO END UP WEIGHING 200 lbs when she is in the whitehouse.. SHE IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2142 days ago

Rachel is at fault here. Who gave a rat's patooty about our First Lady's backside? A snooty latte liberal website that thinks it's intellegent writing that line...who cares?

2142 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

Will make a Great First Lady I can't wait!!!

2142 days ago


I don't like her, never will! She is arrogant, racist just like hubby and looks quite mannish and masculin. It is a sad day in our history when this man was elected!

2142 days ago


#8. now that is funny!

2142 days ago

Rebie Johnson    

#8 Are you serious? So what are you saying/ Blacks are the only ones in federal housing? damn sho wish I could live there

2142 days ago


she's ugly ugly ugly! I can't believe we have to look at her mug for 4 years! She's totally un-american and it is a tragedy that she gets to live in the prestigious White House. Nancy Reagan had more class in her pinky finger! Along with almost every other first lady!

2142 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Get ready, PETA,

The breed of dog the Obama's choose will have the puppy mills grinding them out for years...

2142 days ago


She and her husband are just a bunch of thief!

BHO definitely bought the election. Its Obvious that his supporters are largely ignorant to politics in general and that the news media, commercials, and various other forms of media that were bought and paid for by Barrack Hussain Obama were responsible for teaching the typical Obama supporter all about the candidate himself. It is also obvious that race paid a large part too. And just where did the President elect get all of this money? Certainly not from his unamed Muslim buddies and "out of the country freinds", huh. Probably not from his "in the country contacts" like certain news agencies who gave him special pricing on his ads and interviews, Aires or Rev. White supporters. who are certainly anti Anerican, to sit in his church and listen to his anti American sermons weekly for years on end. And the money didnt come form the campaign itself. It came from every magazine that put the elustrious Obamas of the front cover of their magazines and only told the fairy tale stories of the Obamas on the inside of the magazine. Funny how we got to hear about their romantic relationship, wedding, their home, and the family members who raised them despite the hardships they went through in their early lives. Equally as funny is the fact that non of these magazines addressed the real far left liberal, the man who doesnt even salute the American flag and who only put the flag pin back on his lapel after much protests on the American's behalf. If the voter happened to be someone who actually knew something about real politics and the real BHO and still voted for him, it was most likely a person disgruntled by the past presidents policies or by the war in Iraq.

on top of that....are we sure that he is a US citizen? Hawaii is covering for him

Just a bunch of corrupt people! I will never accept him as a US president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2142 days ago
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