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Terminal Temper Tantrum

11/20/2008 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kingston may be an adorable specimen of good genes -- but not even Gwen Stefani and her seemingly perfect family can escape the Terrible Twos.

Looks like someone didn't like little Zuma Nesta gettin' all of mama's attention last night at LAX.


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it just shows you the paps have no common sense! That poor lil guy was freaked because of all the cameras do you guys not care???? Just thank god i'm not Gwen someones camera would of been flying.. Thats total BS!!

2161 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Wow..TMZ has sunk to new low. Yes , she is a public figure but does that mean common decency is out the widow? For heavens sake, she was carrying an infant and with her two year old son. He wasn't having a tantrum, he was upset and scared. I know I am usually cranky getting off a flight, and aint' no one flashing crap at me when I get off the plane. Use some discretion...

2161 days ago


I think her ride is late and thats why shes getting bombarded like this. probably happens all the time which makes it pretty sad. Poor little guy is going to grow up wanting to kill paps!

2161 days ago


So the paps scared the hell out of him. I hate the paps. There should be law against stalkers like TMZ!

2161 days ago


thats really mean of you to talk about her little boy like that. its clear that the paps scared him.

2161 days ago


Why isn't there a law against what TMZ is doing? It is unconsciounable, traumatizing a child is outrageous - when did it become okay to stalk the kids of celebs? Ineffective police forces or laws, or both, this behavior should cost your pappers their freedom for a while!

2161 days ago

big deal    

SHE SHOULD OF HIRED A PRIVATE PLANE .........................SHE'S NOT THAT POOR ...............

2160 days ago


The child was probably fine until you idiot photographers jumped in their face and started snapping away. Besides, just because a child is cute and happy and so is mom, doesn't mean they are "perfect".

2160 days ago


You people are so stupid. Gwen is the celebrity NOT HER SON! He did not ask for any of that! He did not have a choice in who his parents would be. Yeah when you get into show business you have to accept that type of crap but with a child it's different. How many frigging pictures are there of her? Why the need to take her picture in an airport? Why is that even allowed? That is a poor defenseless CHILD! What is he 2? Could you imagine being a little baby and weird men who you don't know are stalking you taking your picture and shouting your name? When will they stop this insanity? He is a little boy.

2160 days ago


TMZ- puh lease!!!! 1 that wasn't EVEN a tantrum and 2 wouldn't you cry if you had the darn lightbulbs of flashes in your eyes?!?!? the poor little guy probably couldn't see anything but black dots from all the flashes! Have some cooth and know WHEN TO BACK THE HELL OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2160 days ago


Everyone is right. When you enter the entertainment world, you do give you your privacy. Let's not forget that everyone who made comments is reading this site - so you are in turn, the reason that pap's are employed. HOWEVER - celeb's children should be off limits. It is pretty clear to see that the situation happened because he was scared. She kept her cool and was very polite - she is really an example of how to handle yourself. TMZ, I like your site, but when you take shots at the kids, it's not cool.

2160 days ago

dont know    

He's a little boy and he's ugly too! And that dirty whore is his mom--three strikes already kid!

2160 days ago

dont know    

Good Mother--don't give the baby to the nanny and tend to your crying son--make a cell phone call. Great Mom!

2160 days ago


That poor little guy! He was obviously not throwing a tantrum, he was frightened, and he wanted his Mommy. Really, can't there be SOME kind of rule about chasing people when their children are with them? Please?

2160 days ago

4 me 2 know    

This kid was terrified of all the people in his face. He wasn't throwing a tantrum! And even though they are famous does not give people the right to invade something as simple as leaving the airport. Get a life!

2160 days ago
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