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The Movie Star ... And the Rest

11/20/2008 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 84-year-old resurfaced at an L.A. event, looking rosy.
Russell Johnson
Russell has a WWII Purple Heart medal and devotes a lot of his time toward fundraising for AIDS charities.

On the current stranded island show "Lost," the name Russell Johnson is mentioned as one of the lottery winners.


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Lisa Meyers    

i don't know what i was expecting but his pic just threw me off .. my first reaction was 'oh!' not a good oh just a stunned shocked oh .. for some reason, i thought he would be buttery soft and smooth looking

2170 days ago


Nice to see him!

2170 days ago

Frank Olivo    

I think his son died of AIDS. Also, I must be getting really old, cause I thik the professor looks hot in the cast picture. I used to think he was so old when I was little...all relative I guess. Is Lovey still alive? I know the Skipper, Thurston and Gilligan have been "rescued."

2170 days ago


First...........Those were good times. He looks great

2170 days ago

A Train    

For those who don't know, Russell was in two EXCELLENT time travel-centric episodes of the "Twilight Zone" over 45 years ago. The first episode involved him going back to the night of President Lincoln's murder. At first, he doesn't know where he is, but he soon realizes that he was transported back to the day of Lincoln's assassination, and it's about to happen later that night. The other episode had him working on a time machine in a lab, when all of a sudden, a murderer from the late 1800s, who was in the middle of being hanged, appears inside his time machine. The rest of the episode is centered on the murderer and how he reacts to being loose in a noisy, NYC crowd.

2170 days ago


It must be all that weed smokin that keeps them kickin

2170 days ago


Oh I always wanted to share a hut with the Professor..he was hot! Ya know, he doesnt look bad for his age. Hes 84..and still has a hair and teeth. What more can ya ask for?
I remember one of those Twilight Zones. What a great show that was.

2170 days ago


I always had a crush on him! Looks good for 84!

2170 days ago

lost in lalaland    

#3 I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing. When I was watching this as a kid he was just some 'old dude'. But, when I saw that picture I thought, hmmm, professor hunky. So, you're not the only one getting old(er)..........

2170 days ago

Rest in Peace    

I too had a crush on the Professor! Think he looks wonderful for 84...great memories as a kid of watching Gillian's Island, thanks for the memories Professor!

2170 days ago

northern gypsy    

used to switch between gilligan or proffessor as my crush... watching the show...see seniors all the time...believe me...he look's damm good for 84 !!!

2170 days ago


The professor was the first and the best when it came to making ingenious inventions out of the ordinary (in his case, coconuts and palm fronds) and was one of television's first cool nerds. He put other tv nerds to shame.

2170 days ago

Frank Olivo    

I loved Gilligan's Island....does anyone remember the cartoon? It didn't last long! Squeezed that show for every thing it was worth....remember the epi when they did musical Hamlet? Now I can't get that song out of my head..."I ask to be or not to be...."

2170 days ago


Before they filmed the pilot, the producers of "Gilligan's Island" had originally wanted Russell Johnson to go shirtless, wanting him to be the beefcake of the show. Russell turned them down, saying that it wouldn't have been appropriate for the character. He may have been right, but what a loss to the viewers...

2170 days ago


To answer "GINGER" question,LOVEY passed away,so that makes the Professer,Ginger and Maryann the surviving castaway cast-players still alive.
It's was Maryann for me back in the '60's for me with those short shorts!

2170 days ago
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