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One Big Restraining Order, Two Huge Smiles

11/21/2008 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now that they have legal protection from that crazy stalker guy, Jen Garner and her daughter felt safe enough to break out their giant megawatt smiles at LAX earlier today -- but their security guy, he still meant business.

Jen Garner: Click to watch
Just yesterday Jen scored a permanent protection order against Steven Burky, the man she says has been "stalking and harassing" her with some extremely creepy emails. Burky is still under a 5150 psychiatric hold.


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Good for her!! Now they need to keep that man in the hospital he has some major issues......

2125 days ago


That's one handsome sexy bodyguard!!! Beats Ben by a mile!

2125 days ago


That is awesome news. That pesky stalker can't stand in her way of pimping her daughter to the paps now.

2125 days ago


How is going to the airport pimping out your daughter? She isn't allowed to leave her house, drive her car, go to the airport, fly?
Think about it dumbass.

2125 days ago


Who does she think she is????? I like the bodyguards just pushing people out of the way and rudely commanding people to move. I would have loved to be standing at that airport minding my own business and having this diva's goons push me out of the princess's way. Hows she even a movie star anyway? She has one of the ugliest faces in show business. She's right up there with Howard Stern but at least we dont have to look at him.

2125 days ago


Not sure why TMZ and the paps work so hard to get shots of her??? How many shots do we have to see of her carrying her kid and shopping for fruit? Boring.

2125 days ago


Posted at 5:41PM on Nov 21st 2008 by Steve

You should see her when she is in New York. She will stand in the middle of the street and throw her hand up bringing traffic to a stop so her and Violet can cross. She has also forced traffic to come to a halt as she makes everyone stop so she can open the car door (street side) to put Violet in her car seat. The dumb bimbo thinks the world revolves around her.

2125 days ago


Posted at 5:40PM on Nov 21st 2008 by tracey

You're a moron.

2125 days ago

All Of Them Be Infected    

I agree with #6. There's a win for us - we don't care, so you can save your gas and labor and send your guys elsewhere. Just because some nut decided to go all flaky over this chick, that doesn't make her any more interesting to the rest of us.

A more important win, for her - despite what you might think of her, cut her some slack, because of her child. Would you want this kind of paranoid sh*t going on in your life with a young child in tow?

2125 days ago


Is that Greg Kinnear moonlighting as a bodyguard?!?

2125 days ago


Thing is she pranced around NY all the time without bodyguards. She took Violet out everyday to parks, buying fruit and walking around aimlessly. Who does that when they are in fear of a stalker?

2125 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Must be nice to mosey on past airport security checks. I have presented my military ID card and like everyone else waited in line and was subjected to checks. But whatever......I guess because she plays pretend all day that makes her less of a security threat than those who actually fight for their country. And as far her stalker, seems appropriate he is a mental would have to be if you find this train wreck intriguing.

2124 days ago


I am glad to see thisguy get what he deserves. I just wish the damn paps would leave these people alone when they are with thier kids. Yes I know it a part of a celbs life and job to be hounded by the papz. But these kids are inocent, I am sure it can be overwhelming and scary for them. I wish we could just get some damn laws to control these heartless and ruthless papz.

Talk about Garner breaking laws, shoving people out her way, stopping traffic.... how many times do the papz do it? I don't think you could count.

2124 days ago


Violet is WAY cuter than SURI ever could be!!! She looks like a happy little girl!!

2123 days ago


Jennifer's daughter looks exactly like her. They are both gorgeous!

2083 days ago

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