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Rosie Mercilessly Mocks Babwa

11/21/2008 3:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Children, children.

Rosie O'Donnell just wouldn't let up on Barbara Walters and "The View" yesterday afternoon and late last night, mocking her right into the camera on Conan O'Brien's show. Babs had excoriated Rosie yesterday for "dumping" on "The View" for purposes of pimping out her new show.

Then last night, Rosie went ahead and slammed Barbara ... without mentioning her name, of course.

Your serve, Ms. Walters.


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Good for Rosie. Babwa is a bit of a pain in the arse, and she has gotten so silly on The View to the point of being embarrassing. She tries to be "hip" and doesn't pull it off, and she says such stupid things. Rosie saved The View - it was 100% better as soon as she joined the ladies, and she brought it back to life. Rosie is a great person and deserves a lot of respect. Go Rosie!

2076 days ago


ha. i usually do not care for Rosie, but she was funny last night when she knocked Babs.

2076 days ago


I used to like Rosie, but ever since she's come out she's been nothing but an even bigger loudmouth bitch. She needs to lose some weight, take her meds and learn to mellow out and quit thinking that her opinions are the only ones that matter. It's like, with people like that, who really gives a rats butt what she has to say if the only way she has of saying it, is to sound like some all in your face thug. Rosie, go back to the comedy (you used to be funny) and just shut the f up about everything else. PLEASE!

2076 days ago


There are some celebrities that should just go away. She tops the list.

I am starting to agree with Trump's assessment of this woman.

2076 days ago


I hope her variety show tanks big time!

2076 days ago


OH CRAP!! TMZ is back on the Rosie kick!! Seriously can't get rid of that loud mouth can we? I CAN NOT STAND that woman if that is truly what she is....she's is to opinionated and does not open her small mind to realise that NOT ONLY HER OPINION MATTERS OR COUNTS in the world.....especially when she get's on her NEVER ENDING TIRADES against people, but say 1 little word about her and your DONE!

I don't like anything to do with The View either, and Babs needs to retire ASAP....get RID OF ALL OF EM once and for all!!!!

2076 days ago


Would you just die already? Youre such a bitter bitter person and have absolutely NO redeeming qualities.

2076 days ago

Chris Lover    

Please Know that tons of gay people can't stand Rosie. I'm one of them!!! I know the straight community thinks we love all gays, any gays but it just aint true. We know a loadmouth pig when we see one. Rosie is a disgusting talentless mess. She is know in the gay community to be a very nasty hateful person. I know many who have worked for her and they all say the same ting. She brings nothing to any situation but hate. Please know that we didn't pick her as our spokesperson. We know a mean nasty person when we see one, straight or gay. Looking forward to reading about the failure of her new tv show.

2076 days ago

Lenn K.    

Will this pig just go overeat herself into a coma. Prop 8 passed and California said, not only NO, but Hell NO to gay marriage and that's one of the liberal havens on earth. The View sucked with you on it and it still sucks.

2076 days ago


I used to luv Rosie O but she has really shown her true colors. Shes hateful vindictive and just a nasty person. She seriously needs some meds. She left the show on her own terms yet she continuely revists it for self promotion. Shes not even relevent anymore thats why she has to keep going after Barbara Walters.

2076 days ago


Who gives a crap what this lesbian bitch has to say?

2076 days ago

Chris Lover    

I thought we were done with this biatch!!!

2076 days ago


Oh my gosh what happened to her face?!

2076 days ago


I ditto #6--I am beginning to agree 100% with Donald Trumps thoughts!! His opinion is the truth.

2076 days ago


It think the photo is BEFORE make-up.

2076 days ago
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