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Sarah Palin -- Gobble, Gobble, Slaughter

11/21/2008 10:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was the perfect metaphor for the McCain-Palin campaign. As Sarah Palin tried to do a good thing -- pardon a turkey -- a turkey farmer went all Marie Antoinette on a bird in the background.

Mildly disturbing? You betcha!


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2160 days ago

Happy Holidays    

Where do all of you idiots think the turkey on your plates comes from? Do you think a farmer just craps it into a package, and presto, perfect roasting turkey...You need to get out of the city TMZ...

2160 days ago

happy day    

That is sickning to all you Republicans, That would have been your Vice Prez, are you kidding me, wow thats so sick for her to do that.

2160 days ago

Momma Me    

hahaha!! Disturbing yet so funny!

2160 days ago


Another example of her constant non-sequiter ramblings. She is SO unobservant. Such a space case. Yup, glad to be here, this is a fun thing to be able to do. Idjut.

2160 days ago

Humina Humina    

I don't think the Coen Brothers could've done a better job of directing this scene.

2160 days ago


WTF.... that woman can't do anything right

2160 days ago


Sick to do what? Get her turkey fresh instead of buying one that is frozen from the grocery store? A lot of Americans buy their turkey this way. If you can't handle the way something is killed for your dinner. Then I suggest that you just stop eating meat of all kinds and stop wearing leather and any product that is made from an animal.

2160 days ago


If she is so oblivious as to what's going on behind her, that she gives an interview in front of someone slaughtering turkey's, thank God she is not in the White House. She barely takes a breath, she loves that camera. If she is aware of what the guys is doing, thank God, again. What a twit!

2160 days ago


You who eat do know...the chicken you are eating...the steak you are enjoying..and YES the thanksgiving bird or ham..ALL WERE ONCE WALKING AND BREATHING..and were slaughtered for your enjoyment

2160 days ago


Well I'm glad it was the turkey that got axed and not this country by electing her and mccain.

2160 days ago

shannon 1921    

Sad. You think she would have had more common sense to move over so that was out of view.

2160 days ago


this just kills me, just how do some of you think your turkey gets to your plate, gosh maybe you should quit eating altogether. Good for you sarah.

2160 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

Yes, she was one of the reasons the Republicans lost the election, but, it's time to stop following her around and leave her alone. She's back in Alaska where she belongs taking care of things in her state and minding her own business.

TMZ, Let sleeping dogs lie.

2160 days ago


Stop defending killing chickens and turkeys to put on our plates. We know where our food comes from. They are simply pointing out the irony that she's there to pardon a turkey as does the president every year all while another turkey gets slaughtered behind her. I guess she pardoned the wrong one.

2160 days ago
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