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WWE Wants to Shave Beefcake Off Brutus

11/23/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Imagine Brutus the Barber Beefcake without the name -- what good could that possibly be?

His old employer, WWE, wants Edward Leslie (that's BBB's real name) to quit using one of the most recognizable handles in all of wrestling history in his new job as a coach on Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling. They claim they own the trademark and note that Brutus quit using the name when he went on WCW a few years back.

Brutus says the cease-and-desist is rubbish: His lawyers claim he's been using the name since 2000 without a peep from the WWE, so why all the noise now? Could it have something to do with the fact he's using it on Hulk's show?

Calls to the lawyers here weren't returned.


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He's been using the Brutus the Barber Beefcake thing way before even 2000... this is going to date me, but he was using it while I was in high school, which was very early nineties.

2159 days ago

damn ur dumb    

The WWE sounds like a bunch of cry babies with too much time on their hands. Since they are no longer making part of his profit, they find a way to throw a tantrum. This is ridiculously minute.

2159 days ago


hey harvey you posted the wrong doc! a little wrestling karma for your pitiful Bret Hart stunt.

2159 days ago

arte help    

Hey Vince, the guy survives a terrible boating accident, let him use the name that made him famous!

2159 days ago


Vince McMahan needs to worry about his own product which now SUCKS! His WWE stock in about 8 bucks a share and all of his programing is old, tired and boring!.. Just what he needs to do is spend share holders money going after Brutus. VINCE YOU ARE an A$$hole!!

2159 days ago


Personally, I can't stand Vince or his show. The antics are tired and worn out as well as being downright corny.

2159 days ago


Yeah he was using it back in the 1980s but when Hogan went to WCW he followed him over there and started calling himself the Barber, WWF sued over that and they started calling him Brutas The Butcher. WWF sued over that and he has like 5 more name changes. Vince McMahon is lame. You're a freaking billionaire, and you're whining about some guy using some name you made popular 20 years ago.

2159 days ago

Your name:    

The wwe is old, tired, boring and sucks? Oh so is that why there are hundreds of thousands of fans all across the world that made him a billionaire? Not to mention all of the records its broken.Yeah the wwe is lame and don't know what they're doing!

2159 days ago

HA HA    

I bet Vince's dad would be real proud of him..........LOSER

2159 days ago


I always thought he had a great ass.

2159 days ago


#8, WWE is old, tired, boring & least to those of us who watched the company for many years. guys like myself, who watched back in the 80's, pretty much saw it all. i saw 2 period of success (Hulkamania & Attitude Era). nothing new has taken place in a long time. everything WWE is doing has been done more times then i care to remember.

the only people who really care are younger fans, who haven't had the benefits of watching years earlier.

2158 days ago


what ever you think about the wwee they do own the trademark for the name its been used on wwe programing and on wwe games

fact is when he went to wcw he had to change it wwe would have let him use it if he asked fact is wwe trademark all names and carchters that they used in wwe the only ones that are not are the rock because he brought it from wwe and hogan who was to smart in the old days and trademarked it himself after he left wwe

2158 days ago


The WWE is a joke, Vince McMahon in my opinion is a petty ;iyy;e crybaby that always wants things his way. Not to mention WWE treats their wrestlers like crap and works them like dogs. Brutus should have got tje copyright on his name WWE is famous for getting copyrights on wrestlers names without them knowing. This is one of the many reasons I no longer support or watch WWE. Go Brutus, Go Hogan & Go TNA!!! TNA!!! ^TNA!!!

2158 days ago

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