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Homeless Nick-alike: Nolte is My Daddy!!?!

11/24/2008 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This homeless guy looks and sounds a hell of a lot like Nick Nolte, but there could be a damn good reason -- he claims Nick is his real-life long-lost FATHER!!
Nick Nolte: Click to watch
We don't know if his story actually holds up, but the resemblance is uncanny.

Nick's rep says he's never heard of the guy and he's of no relation.


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that has GOT to be nick's doubt about it. he looks identical, sounds identical and the one responder is correct, he even has his ears! i am sure dna would prove it, without a doubt. i think mr. nolte should step up to the plate here. this poor bastard is lost and without an identity, if he is indeed mr. nolte's son then he owes him that.

remember "down and out in beverly hills" nicky-boy!

2168 days ago


I think this could be his son, most agree that he looks like Nick. TMZ needs to find him, let him shower and feed him and try to help him. We have to help each other and this guy needs someones help. TMZ, you are usually douche bags..... sorry but you know it's true. This could make a great Lifetime movie......... can you hear the birds singing as the sun comes up? LOL seriously though, we could all use an uplifting story. He didn't sound like an idiot, he sounded lost and if in fact Nick is his father and turns his back on him then Nick Nolte is an even bigger Douche Bag then TMZ !!

2168 days ago

All Of Them Be Infected    

The hair ain't right - everything else is pretty close.

2167 days ago


Wow, their resemblance really is uncanny. I hope a DNA test gets done so this gets settled, although like someone else said, I'm not so sure that being related to Nick is such a good thing. That being said, everyone is entitled to know who their biological parents are.

2167 days ago

melissa b    

YES, a very likely son-and-dad match!!!

2167 days ago

Black Teef    

Maybe dad could donate some teeth.

2167 days ago


This guys ears lobes are attached while Nick's are detached, but those ears still look very similar. But you can tell from they eyes that this guy is truley related to Nick or that he saw a resemblence, decided to become homeless, and concoct this far fetch story just money. I hope they get together to talk at least.

2167 days ago


That's his son.

2167 days ago


someone prob told him at some time that he resembles NN so the delusional guy ran with it....

2167 days ago


He doesn't sound delusional at all. On the contrary, he is quite lucid and very detail oriented. The resemblance is amazing. Harvey, this is your chance to appear heroic AND make money. Very best case scenario - this man is Nolte's son, you stage the meeting and broker the movie and book deal offers which will certainly follow. At the worst, you will appear very noble for attempting to help another person vs. bringing them down.

2167 days ago


I really feel for this guy. He looks as though life has been real hard on him and to not know who your real parents are (when you've obviously had back luck with your adoptive parents) is sad. I really hope Nick at least watches this video and if he is any kind of man he'll get a paternity test done. I doubt Nick will be any nicer than his adoptive parents but at least the guy will get some closure. Sad story.

2167 days ago


He sure looks like Nick Nolte and he's very sincere. It's close to the Holidays. Please help him,Harvey.

2167 days ago


I think Nick Nolte palyed this guy in Down and out in Beverly Hills.

2167 days ago


Sure does look like him. But then again, i always thought that nick nolte resembled gary busey LOL...........Minus the big teeth. But no, im sure this guy is his kid. Pry some kid he had out of a one night stand. Poor guy. Being homeless is not a funny situation. It's a shame.

2167 days ago

what the H***    

He looks more like Ethan Hawke.

2167 days ago
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