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Miley's B-day -- Spit for Tat

11/24/2008 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus officially turned 16 yesterday, even though she's been celebrating it for ... about a year.

And there were untold levels of Freudian complexity over the b-day weekend, according to Perez Hilton, who reports Miley, BF Justin Gaston, and dad Billy Ray Cyrus went to tattoo parlor on Friday night. It was papa C who got inked up, while Miley and Justin swapped saliva during the tatting-up.

You may want to put down your oatmeal spoon now.


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Roger Moore    

They better put that little slam-pig on birth control before she starts popping out her Daddy's puppys.

2121 days ago

damn ur dumb    

People actually believe these two aren't doing nothing more than kissing? If they feel comfortable enough to tongue each other down in front of her father, imagine what they do when her parents aren't around. Her parents are great role models. Letting their 15 year old daughter date a 20 year old. A five year age difference is nothing when two adults are involved but it is something huge when a just hit puberty, teenage girl is involved. These celebrity parents are more focused on being their best friend than a parent. And then they wonder why all these child stars are a hot, drugged out mess by the time they hit 25.

2121 days ago


HAHAHA im totally eating oatmeal right now. Miley Cyrus is destined to be a trainwreck...ugh.

2121 days ago


Backwoods rednecks finest!!!!

2121 days ago


I can appreciate her career and what Disney uses her for. That's understandable. But when I saw this girl on Ellen acting like a damn fool, I really lost any respect for her. She liked her "boyfriend" because he's "Christian" and that's important to her, but I don't see anything "Christian" or even self-respecting about either one of them. If I went to church at her age in jeans, tank-top, and flip flops when I was a kid, my mother would have chased my a$$ back upstairs to change into something more decent. Her childish behavior is so disgusting, you think Disney would have taught her some manners.

2121 days ago


There should be a poll on how long it will be before we hear Miley is knocked up with a 20 year old's baby. I give it less than 6 months.

2121 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Posted at 8:48AM on Nov 24th 2008 by Dallas

dont compare them folks to us herr. i dont let no otha mann touch my lil girl. dat der is mine! im disapointed with dat der cyrus. he usta have that girl unda control. now she out der filanderin outside da family.

2121 days ago

Chuck D    

I can't beleive you peudo hip jerks have nothing better to do than bash the very successful, very admired and very rich Miley Cyrus. TMZ is ultra moronic in their never ending quest to print an unflattering picture or twist a story into a jab. Whart is wrong with you people. Give it up. Oh and I love to see people from Dallas refer to rednecks.

2121 days ago


Gag me with a spoon

2121 days ago


Her face in that picture says what I am thinking - she looks like she wants to vomit and so do I. There is something wrong with this situation.

2121 days ago


I do believe she will be the next jamie lynn. You cant tell me that her BOY friend is not thinking of getting into her pants. Her did is so freaking stupid if he thinks she hasnt gone farther than kissing. You can say they are christians but that does not mean jack when it comes to sex. all people have it.

2121 days ago


her parents are crazy,15 and allowed to date a 20yr old.she is not the kind of role model i want for my daughter.thanks god i didnt spend all that money for a concert ticket.and as far as her being a christian,if i rember correctly,didnt britney say the same thing??????

2121 days ago


All you haters need to get a life of your own!!!

2121 days ago


Oh please, they're having sex....Miley will probably get pregnant. But unlike Jamie Lynn, she'll probably go straight for the abortion clinic. Papa Cyrus can't have anything like a pregnancy getting in the way of him making his earnings off of her.

2121 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

i don't get it .. he can get in trouble with the police even for kissing her since she's a minor .. and he's almost legal to buy alcohol .. someone should tell her parents that if she gets pregnant the state can press charges even without the parents asking them too .. thats what happened to my friend when she was 16 and her BF was 21 .. so she better be careful!!

2121 days ago
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