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A-Rod Gets Madge All Moist ... Eyed

11/27/2008 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bring us some Kaopectate: Madonna was apparently so moved serenading Alex Rodriguez at her Miami show, she got teary.

So says the New York Daily News, which reports Madge "fixed her gaze on him" while singing "You Must Love Me" (uh oh), then "got all teary-eyed" when he smiled at her in the front row. Meanwhile, she also talked about "a long-distance love affair" when she crooned "I'm So Far Away."

Otherwise, no one seemed too bothered that Madonna showed two hours late and didn't wish anyone a happy Thanksgiving.


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not true.i was there and theres no a-rod-leave her alkone.and if they really date its fine cause they are divorced and he was dinning with his ex and cynthia was happy and she went to madonna concert in nyc guy cheated on madonna.its all fine.long live her tour lo mexico next

2135 days ago

carol guzik    

I was at the concert last night in Miami. Trust me everyone was really pissed off that she started the show 2 1/2 hours late.
No opening act.
She was good. Entertaining. But me and everyone else would have had a much better time if she had been semi on time. Traffic sucked big time. All in all, a very expensive night for not much return.

2135 days ago


A hole is a hole. Aren't you old enough to know.

2135 days ago


ME? I wouldn't go to all that hassle to see whore do acrobatic moves with bad singing....i prefer to pick one from Hollywood Blvd. At least it would be worth the pleasure....

2135 days ago


This feels to me like a big game of "let's give them something to talk about". I'm getting th feeling that Madonna and A-Rod are having a little fun with the media and public who think they know what's going on and really don't.

2135 days ago


Why in the heck would anyone waste their time and money to watch Madonna perform? Talent? Give me a break.

2135 days ago


IS it just me but Arods Wife, Cynthia is very hot. For all Arod has put her thru she seems very
composed and sophisticated. Arod better wake up out of his trance with the material Grandma
and go home to his beautiful wife and kids before some else does. Cynthia in my opinion is to good for him!

2135 days ago


I don't understand why a good looking guy would leave his good looking wife for this brat of an ugly women. Madge is not even good looking with those old women arms and pasty look and wide eyes that run the whole width of her face yuck.

2135 days ago


She will never be happy "forever" because nothing is ever enough. She grabs for fame, men, money, power, religion, and even adopted a little child, but it's not enough and never will be. A-Vadge will be another flash in the pan.

2134 days ago


The Minge. All skank, all phony, all the time.

2134 days ago


ARod is not the first man to get side tracked by a little strange pootang. The sad part is he will realize later on that this was a big mistake. Sadly, kids are the ones that pay the real price for such actions.

2134 days ago

Bob Booie    

Madonna was in tears looking at A-rod cause it finally hit her what his stats are in the playoffs.It's so bad that it's enough to make anyone cry

2134 days ago


What on earth is A-Rod thinking? Madonna is long past her prime. Somebody should tell her to put some clothes on her bone ugly body.

2134 days ago


she is so good looking.she is 50 and put all young girls on shame like robbie williams said.she is a storm on stage.2 hours dancing.godd. huge show last night.guys leave madonnas personal life alone.guy cheated on her.they try to work it out,but its impossible. if she is dating a-rod its good.let her live her life.if her kids are fine too.she rocked last night.50.000 people screaming her name.gloria stefan was there.timbaland e pharrell joined her on stage

2134 days ago


#11, #12, Enjoy your Madonna poisoned kool-aid, we'll all be fine. And if we need an idiot for some reason, we'll call you.

2134 days ago
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