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Ashley Dupre Wants to Yell for Cash

11/28/2008 8:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The ex-prostitute -– fine, escort – who felled Eliot Spitzer wants to sell herself to that other brothel, the music biz.

Dupre has already hooked up with Chris Lighty, the guy who has managed 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, and Missy Elliott, reports the New York Post, and is looking to get her "real" music career underway. You may remember she actually tried to record some perfunctory R&B-type music before Client No. 9 made her famous.

No word if she'll be playing any instruments.


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Luke Warmwater    

Ridng her 15 minutes of fame until she drops. She should do porn instead. We know she has those skills.

2120 days ago

northern gypsy    

why-o-why do these "15 min" people think they have more time ??? btw... client #69 has booked appt...1 hr & the usual !!!

2120 days ago

arte help    

Yes, I heard she'll be playing her owm instruments. She plays a really mean "skin flute"

2120 days ago


Ashley on 20/20 stated she connected with the anguish Silda Spitzer had on her face when she saw her.But she did not talk about the anguish on the face of Elise Earlye and her two daughters when she she was caught ( by the paparazzi) having a affair with Elise's husband(Thomas Earle co owner of Earle construction) this past summer in July.The Earle's were people that were known by her family. Ashley was just about to ink a 2.5 million dollar contract for a reality show just when this happened.The show was to to clean up her image.Her mother was quoted by the press "if you want to chase my daughter around you will have to go to Hollywood".It seemed to disappear after that happened happened.On one of her My Spaces pages there was a statement that said "Dam go here paparazzi Go their paparazzi WTH" after that also. On getting dumped by the man she was living with in the New York Post right after being caught she told them that she threw him out when she found out he had two kids. On her escorting to pay the rent on Wikipedia it was stated that Dupre had expensive taste and took lavish trips to St Tropaz.Her mother was quoted as wondering where she got all her money from.
Her brother,the one she looks up to,is a convicted drug dealer.She is a police informant,so that ought to go along good with the hard core rappers that like 50 Cents. There are a lot of holes in her story. I wish her well,but is she being honest or just telling the world what she wants it to hear to get what she needs.

2120 days ago


She needs Instruments to play with?
She can have my stick (for the drum of course, you dirty mind TMZ readers!!!)

2120 days ago


Instruments? I am sure she could play a mean vibrator.

2120 days ago

Mr Right    

Skin Flute, perhaps?

2120 days ago


"Gee, I dunno Mr. Lighty, that doesn't look like a microphone".

2120 days ago


I am SOOOO sick of all these classless, skanky whore's pretending they're somebody!! So you can screw, big deal, if only the MEDIA would stop making them out to be newsworthy, and treated them like the whores they are, maybe they(the skanks) might actually show some embarresment over their actions!! SHAME ON ALL YOU WHORES!! LIE WITH THE DOGS YOU BELONG WITH!!

2120 days ago


Ok she's HOT! I'd gladly pay her a cool mil to spurt a load down her hot little throat:)

2120 days ago

Greg's Wifey    

playing any instruments lol? maybe the skin flute.....this girl is a WHORE and should admit it. Why does she think ANYONE would give her any respect after what she's done? i know she's a human being and has feelings and i'm not trying to hurt them, but she's not going to get any respect from the general public after all that. give it up, trashley. go home and enjoy your 5,000 you got from that trick. at least be proud you did better than a lot of other hoes.

2120 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

You say "whore" like it's a bad thing. Pretty much every star on here is a whore of some kind. Come to think of it, we're all whores one way or another. At least she's not knocked up and using the welfare system to float aimlessly through life, she has a marketable skill. Good for her!

2119 days ago


She is no different than all of the porn stars that you people (especially you males) watch to get aroused to try to pleasure some random chick-or your GF or wife for that matter. Unless you can explain what the difference is between what she chose to do, and those porn"stars" you so need to get a hard-on, then just let her be. I am glad that she didn't slit her wrists after all of the horrible things people have said. Give her a break. It's such a double standard. When men buy the pu$$y-especially actors like Sheen and Murphy, no one seems to try to make them into monsters. Not only that, her voice is good, and her songs are decent too.

2118 days ago


that interview was so pathetic... are we seriously supposed to feel SORRY for her?... good job diane *sarcasm off*...

2117 days ago

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