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Beckhams Take in the TomKat Circus

11/28/2008 3:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David and Victoria Beckham and fam celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving, by Scientolojoining the TomKats at the Big Apple Circus in NYC.

Tom gave little adorable Suri the day off from parading through the streets of Manhattan so she could enjoy the festivities, along with her siblings/Nicole Kidman's children, Isabella and Connor.

As usual, Katie walked a tight rope between dead eyes and vacant stare.


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Perfect because Tom Cruise is a clown.

2134 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Well, at least Suri is in away from the cold.....since her mother feels no need to ever put a coat on her.

Has anyone ever seen this little girl smile? Or playing with children her age? I can't wait for her tell-all will the hottest thing since Christina Crawford's "Mommy Dearest".

2134 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Katie Holmes is a statistic waiting to happen. She is just a shell of the girl she used to be. Seems like she is just a scientologic sermon away from downing a whole bottle of barbiturates and whatever else she can get her hands on.

2134 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Posted at 1:14PM on Nov 28th 2008 by not2breckonedwith

Now that you mention it, Suri is the only one with short sleeves on. Everyone is is bundled in coats or has long sleeve sweaters on. I believe the word is "neglect".

2134 days ago


Katie is a zombie and any kid over the age of four looks so bored in this photo that it's sad.

I am so sick of Katie Holmes playing dress up with Suri. Designer shoes, dresses, etc. They can afford it and I'm not slamming that, but she is always dressed like a doll and not a kid that is ready to act like a child that plays with others. The only time I have seen her with other kids is at a birtday party loaded with stars. Poor kid.

Oh, and I have never seen her smile (Katie seems to rarely do it anymore). Good job, Tom and L.Ron Hubbard followers... you converted another one. Add a notch to your bedpost.

2134 days ago


Katie Holmes looks so sad. I remember how happy she looked when she was on Dawson's Creek. I don't see them lasting long, Tom seems whacky....

2134 days ago


And of course, again - Suri isn't wearing a jacket - poor kid is gonna wind up freezing to death.. wait.. do aliens freeze?!

2134 days ago



2134 days ago


PETA should have a field day with this. They HATE the circus.

2134 days ago


In a strategy learned from the movie '300', PETA quietly plans a war against Scientology while their top General, under surveillance, enjoys a circus moment.

2134 days ago


OMG This sarcasm makes me sick. Please stop trashing them, they are very nice and they are just having fun! Tom & Katie really seem happy together, leave them alone! Jada Pinkett-Smith already told us that Katie is running the show in the Cruise house hold so stop portraying her as a victim without any views and an opinion of her own! Tom is a very devoted husband and father who is willing to do anything for his family. Katie is lucky to have him, and he is lucky to have her! And Suri is just gorgeous. Tom & Katie provide a loving home for Suri, Isabella and Connor and you should support any couple that is so warm and loving and kind. If you want to trash anyone, trash people who abandon their kids or do drugs or other stupid things like that, but not people who just happily live their lives with a lot of love and fun!

2134 days ago


Nothing like teaaching your kid the fundamentals of animal abuse by taking them to the circus. Bears balancing on tight ropes and elephants sitting on chairs or balancing on one leg is cruelty. Than these circus freaks cage em up, NOT AIRCONDITIONED, and take them to the next city. Circus' are hell on earth and anyone who would go to a circus is mentally desensitized and out of touch. There is a fine line between animal abuse and human abuse, just look at the muslims, they have no respect for animals and look at their society, muslims are the most disgusting filth on the planet.

2134 days ago

Sex Slave Dave    

So have the Beckhams surrendered their minds and free will to Cruise's Plan Nine From Outer Space religion?

2134 days ago


Chantal - I think you missed your Scientology meeting last night- you should probably go back and start kissing more ASS to Mr. Cruise and his alien friends.

2134 days ago


Everyone else has a sweater or a coat on, so what is Suri wearing? Short sleeves! In New York, in November.

2134 days ago
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