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Britney's Return to "Live" Performing

11/28/2008 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If by "live" you mean she was alive, then yes -- this counts as a live performance.

Britney Spears performed "Womanizer" at a German awards show yesterday. At least she looked conscious this time.


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Given the events of the past 18 months or so, expectations for Britney are so low that if she actually shows up, makes it through an entire performance, and doesn’t make a complete fool of herself, it’s considered a complete success.

The big issue here isn’t lip syncing. She does that, everyone knows it, and it doesn’t seem to be an issue for her fans (who are probably too young to remember Milli Vanilli). I don’t even think that an uninspiring, derivative performance (basically Madonna in a can) is the issue – Brit's fans put up with 15 minute performances during her so-called “House of Blues” tour last year, and loved it. Doubtless, many will pay to see her live, even if it is a lip synched, warmed over Madonna performance.

The real issue is whether this kind of performance is going to win her many new fans. Let’s face it, Britney was never a particularly gifted musician – her fame rests almost entirely on her moves in past live performances and videos. I’m no fan, but in her prime, she had that undefinable ‘it’ that briefly made her one of the biggest acts in the entertainment business. This appeal had its limits – it clearly didn’t spill over into the realm of acting, for instance – but for a while, she was one of the biggest acts out there. More importantly, she had sharp management and made good $$$ during her brief time at the top.

The problem is that a lot of the ‘it’ she used to have was based on her image as jail bait near-porn. She doesn’t have that any more, and at 27 year old with two kids, I don’t think she can get it back. It will be interesting to see how the sales figures go for Circus next week. My guess is that they will be similar to, or very slightly better than Blackout last year. Lots of people will say that Blackout was not promoted by the label. True, but when your artist is on the covers of every tabloid magazine or website, and frequently on the 6:00 news, then for good or bad, everyone knows that she has an album coming out, and promotion is superfluous. I suspect that the same people who bought Blackout will buy Circus, but not many more.

2125 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

She is singing along to recording, and she is having that far-away crazy people stare in her eyes. I am still wishing to have sex with her, but only if she does not talk or sing but just wants to have sex. Is OK if she is crazy, as I am wanting crazy sex with her.

2125 days ago


I don't think you people should judge how she's going to be in the future as a performer by just one performance, considering what she's been through it's a wonder she's doing as good as she is and i thought she looked great and did a good job, she's trying to get back to herself and to me she looks close to it, her illness is a serious one so for her to be up there doing this well is great, i think she will be a great performer again, she hasn't performed for years and i don't count the vma's as a perfomance at all since she obviously was pushed into it prematurely and was not ok or fit at all at that time, keep your head up Brit, don't let anyone take your confidance away from you, just build on it and ignore the people who want to see you fail. BTW she actually looks better than Madonna right now, she doesn't have to try too hard at that, Madonna is way too skinny and has viens sticking out of her body and shouldn't be wearing skimpy outfits anyway, that's not attractive, Brit has the tone and the shape which is, Madonna did not sound good live on her own tour, ask the people who went to her concert and what's with all the Guy bashing that she did on stage, that was not cool. GO BRIT.

2125 days ago


Oh jeez. Britnet's performance was good period. It is not old Britney, but she has to again get acclimated with the crowds, stage, and EVERYONE'S EXPECTATIONS. Everyone was awed by Britney while in early womanhood, including boys, girls, women and men. She has a hefty challenge in front of her in getting back to achieving those expectations for all of her fans, as well as critics! I think it was wise to have been safe rather than sorry on this performance. We will see better in the coming days! I am sure!

2125 days ago


When she borrowed the Madonna suit from The Minge, I hope she had it laundered before using it. It wouldn't be good for her to accidentally have a baby with Dim-Rod.

2125 days ago


Truthfully, Britney misses the bad girl in her. She would much rather be out running around and showing her cooch than performing. She really enjoyed her wild days and that's why she feels like a prisoner. She wants to be out having the paparazzi follwing her 24-7. Rhianna is a much better performer now. Britney is old and boring in her routine. She needs to step it up if she plans on selling sold out concerts again.

2125 days ago


**yawn** Boring routine, but not really her fault. I think they finally figured out they need to give her a very, very simplistic routine so she won't get lost. Not to mention repetitive minimal lyrics. She does look great though, she's obviously been working hard to get back in shape. She just still looks spacey and incredibly bored while performing. I've seen servers at McDonald's with more enthusiasm than she showed in the clip. What gives? If she hates performing so much, why still do it?

2125 days ago


Wow the costume total Madonna rip off. Maybe she has delusions of being like Madonna. Personally I thought it sucked, she did not dance, She did not even look comfortable on stage moving her body what little she did. She never could sing, crazy over came her hotness so what's left? I don't think that her comeback is going to be great she is old news and a has been. I teach and I used to hear kids talk about her not anymore so where is the fan base?

2125 days ago


she's cool - I wish her the best after 2-3 years of mayhem. she's fixing her life up and becoming a beautiful woman. Congrats!!

2125 days ago


This performance was TERRIBLE! But even worse are the posters exclaiming how GREAT it is. How low are your expectations? If this wasn't Britney Spears but some "Jane Doe" you would be ripping this 'performance' up and down, and rightfully so!

2125 days ago


4.5/5 stars

to be fair she was dancing at around 1:10 and 2:30. it didn't seem like she did much dancing cos the camera kept zooming in from far during those times. i think she did quite well. loud back up track but you still heard her sing (e.g. the last b-a-b-y). i think if she danced more, she'd definitely have to lip-sync. so the tradeoff meant that there was portions of dancing and a bit of walking around. i liked it. especially the ending. (huge stage tho...)

2125 days ago


Why so many haters???? At least she's trying this time. I think she's still tight and she will be better

2125 days ago


a real singer doesn't lip-synch.... Most of the latin singers are
the only ones that don't lip-synch, like Ricky Martin, etc etc....

What's up with Brit dressing up like Madonna?

2125 days ago

tuna marie    

she is a massive embarrassment. she needs to go away for good.

2125 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

I'm no fan of Britney's, nor am I one of the childish, immature, small-hearted haters who live for the opportunity to see her suffering and to destroy her.

I thought the performance was acceptable for a first show after a long hiatus, but it wasn't all that special. I give her credit for pulling herself together as much as she has done so far, and I hope to see her doing even better as time goes on. Well, maybe the credit should go to her dad for stepping in and taking control. In any case, this is definitely an improvement, and I'm glad to see it.

She was weakest with the dancing, and I believe that she should continue to work on that. I'm sure that she could improve her dance abilities if she puts her mind to it, and if she does, she'll be able to give adequate performances.

The question is whether _she_ really wants to do the work that is necessary to get her performances up to par. Sadly, she doesn't inspire much confidence in this area, given her childish attitude and her proven inability (at least in the past) to act in her own best interests.

Time will tell. I, for one, wish her the best.

2125 days ago
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