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Who Michael Phelps

Took Home to Mama

11/28/2008 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hey mom, I'd like you to meet my Las Vegas cocktail waitress girlfriend, Caroline Pal.

Taking a page from the George Clooney Dating Handbook, Phelps reportedly brought Pal back to Baltimore to spend Thanksgiving with his fam.

Whatever happened to Sarah Larson, anyway? Weird coincidence: She worked at Moon nightclub in the Palms, too.

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Hey Pinay

"Buwa ka ng ina mo" & "ang baho ng pekpek mo" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will KO De La Hoya in the 4th round Sat !!!

2146 days ago


Chalk one up for the dorks!!

2143 days ago


bugger off, sammie. you're probably not the best looking guy or girl anyway. what is a sammie anyway? a boy's name, girl's name -- unisex just like pat on saturday night live. sammie means sandwich, too. hahaha

2140 days ago


OK, I'm an attractive AND educated American woman. You can start being jealous now. I didn't need to f**k some fat old man from a different country to get that way. I've personally known quite a few "Pinays" in my life, and i can personaly tell you that they are just preying on the western women's leftovers. They can be auctioned off to the highest bidder, like cattle...no really. Some of the poor parents there will even sell their teenage daughters into mail-order bride services, just so the girl can send them a few bucks every month whenever she gets married and settles down...or gets kncked up and traps some poor fool. Have you ever noticed people don't move TO the Phillipines, they move AWAY from there. Sadly it's a very poor country and the women will do anything to snag themselves an older rich man from just about ANY other country that will get them OUT of there, it doesn't even have to be an American. Not to say that they aren't educated, most of them are. Which could potentially make them more dangerous. Some people will do ANYTHING to improve their social status. I'm not saying EVERYBODY is the same, but anybody who has taken Sociology 101 knows that stereotypes are derived for a reason and are mostly accurate. Just be carefull if you're considering dating one, or anyone from a third-world country for that matter. I've read some of the other comments in here making fun of Filipinas for their apperance and other such things, that's just ignorant and racist. I'm not racist or ignorant, just very OBSERVANT.

2111 days ago

Shawn from Maryland    

Look, the guy is 23. He's no different from any other 23 year old boy that never gets it cus he's always training, In his case cause he ain't exactly good looking to add to his training. Now he has a little down time, of course he's attracted to the trashier girls that mean exactly what they are meant for. Sex! Nothing wrong with that! So he smoked some pot. OOooo, so did President Clinton, so did Bush (cocaine). No big deal. Although I do think it's time he do both Olsen twins in a three way. I'm sure they'd both do him. Or go even higher. If you're gonna do a bimbo, aim for Paris Hilton! But to call this broad a porn star? Geeze. If he's gonna go for a porn star, at least go after Racquel Darrian! At least she's a HOT pornstar. Leave the guy alone. He's a kid! He's doing no different than I did at that age. He'll grow up. I stopped going to ti*ty bars when I was 30. I'm sure he'll grow up and realize what a quality woman is, after he gets all that young boy kinky sex stuff out of his system. We all go through it. Then we find a nice girl to take home to mom that does all that kinky stuff behind closed doors.

2087 days ago


I don't think she is pretty.

wireless home intercom system

1349 days ago


Micahael has gotten a lot better looking with age and his new girlfriend Megan Rossee is gorgeous! So thankful this ugly girl Caroline Pal is history!

696 days ago


I have to agree with Jenna that Megan Rossee is a total beauty and glad that Michael is enjoying retirement!

696 days ago
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