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Brit Dodges the 5,150 Pound Elephant

12/1/2008 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There was no Britney Spears documentary last night, there was only propaganda.
Britney Spears: Click to watch
Funny that a feature film that was supposed to examine everything in her life conveniently glossed over the parts where she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold, flashed the no-no bits, hung around scumbags like Sam Lutfi and Adnan, and was placed under a conservatorship after being strapped onto a gurney -- twice.

Bottom line -- Britney and MTV had an opportunity to help us understand the real Britney. Then again, when a Britney tell-all is sponsored by a Britney perfume line, how real could it possibly get?


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with her dad still controling the show she prob couldn't tell all that she wanted to. You could tell that she had a lot more to say but had to hold herslf back, cause of Daddy.You peep will never get enough no matter how much of her story she does or doesn't tell

2151 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Lashing out at your readers. Thats good for business

2151 days ago


What a bunch of bs. Brit really sucks.

2151 days ago


TMZ, you didn't let me down... I've been waiting all day to see what negitive garbage you were going to dish out on Britney. True to form, you prove yourselves to be asses of the highest regard. BRAVO LOSERS!

2151 days ago


whose lashing out at who.i dont work for tmz

2151 days ago


Well after going to G-A-Y in London on Saturday night to see Britney I was sooo disappointed that she decided not to take to the stage because she was 'too shy'< or are you on soo much meds that your too high to do anything??

get well soon, then have a comeback

2151 days ago

It's Br!tney B!tch    

Leave her alone!!!!!!!! I thought she was very honest. BRITNEY ROCKS!!!!!!!

2151 days ago


she is trying ,,,to make the best of her decisions she has made in the last couple of years ,,,,,,,,life is tough for everybody famous or not ,,,,,,,,,she was very honest

2151 days ago


Why don't people just leave her alone. What if she doesn't want to talk about it because it's too much for her or anyone to handle. Get over all the negative that was done, and look toward the future and that is clearly what she is doing.

2151 days ago


I pity her.

2151 days ago


damn tmz, do you want to know her bra size and social security #? I think she covered everything pretty well. We all heard as much as we should. i don't even think it's healthy for anyone to talk about a visit to the psychiatric ward; it's like reliving their worst nightmare. I was just glad to hear a story, albeit half, straight from the source. And I'm not even a big-time britney fan.

2151 days ago

It's Br!tney B!tch    

Briney Rocks!!!!!!

2151 days ago


leave britney alone. the poor girl has obviously been through so much, to have her whole life fall apart in front of the entire world, and youre still trashing her past? leave it alone and leave HER alone. she answered what her life is like NOW, and even though she looked back she also said that moving on is important. and to let go of all the negativity, and focus on the positive. just let the poor girl lead her life the way she wants it to be. stop trashing her and just leave her alone.

2151 days ago


Everything on MTV is self promoting. The last time I tuned into the MTV movie awards, it was a giant cellphone company commercial. Taking that into account before I even turned to the channel, I thought it was a very intimate interview that portrayed her as a real, though not regular, person. She touched on all the topics of her past, though not always directly. I loved it and love her more for it.

2151 days ago


been there, & she is a very brave girl! i still cant bring myself to talk about my very similar breakdown. keep up the great work, hunny your on the right track. thank god for your support system, i had no family

2151 days ago
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