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Charged in Hudson Murders

12/2/2008 5:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Cook County state's attorney's office has just officially charged William Balfour with the murders of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew.

He's been charged with three counts of first degree murder and one count of home invasion.

Balfour is scheduled for a bond hearing at noon Central time tomorrow.

UPDATE 4:21 ET: In their presser, which just ended, the State's Attorney and cops said they're "confident" about their case, which some unnamed sources have claimed is "mainly circumstantial." They said they do have physical evidence tying Balfour to the scene, and emphasized they did not cut a deal with Balfour's girlfriend to elicit her testimony.


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I hate Chicago!!!!! I am so glad I moved away from there!

2153 days ago


So what if some people are racist?Just because we have a black President elected doesn't mean I ,I mean people have to change. I feel like the people who voted for Obama are the racist.Couldn't make themselves vote for a white.

2153 days ago


I hope they have enough evidence! Chicago always rushes to convict without enough evidence. I bet he gets off.

2153 days ago


Two things he wont have to worry about getting in jail, a FAT LIP or a BLACK EYE! Rot in hell loser!

2153 days ago

michigan watcher    

Let the justice system try this man for what he did or didn't do. Keep in mind that these murders were in the south side of Chicago, one of the roughest neighborhoods in the area. It was the Hudson's home. Its not a black or white issue, and we who post are not ones to point fingers.
The most tragic thing happened and that was the death of 3 innocent people. One being a child! so if this man made a choice that day to do what was done, then he will get his. My prayers go out to Julia and Jennifer and the rest of the Hudson family!

2153 days ago


its time to star roping jerks like this up yep we all are tax payers i dont want to keep this S,O,B, ALIVE

2153 days ago


This guy just looks like a scary criminal! Skip the trial and fry him for being so ugly!

2153 days ago


Illinois does not have the death penalty and we can only hope that his fellow inmates take it upon themselves to bring justice in the most painful, humiliating way possible. Mr. Wonderful already spent 7 YEARS in prison for attempted murder and he is what? 27 years old? How many kids of his own does he have? One girlfriend is pregnant now with this monster's kid! What is wrong with these "people"? I hate to even call them people. They are all so disgusting, it makes me so sick. Jennifer's brother was a known gang member and drug dealer and so is this clown. Julia is an incredibly huge piece of sex-crazed trash (who found this idiot irresistible and married him). She put Buckwheat in her home to be the stepdad to her little boy! OMG!!! Who got caught in the middle? A kidnapped and tortured little boy! Julia should be so ashamed that her behavior got her own mother and son killed. As for her brother, getting shot is no big surprise there. How can Julia, the pig, live with herself?

2153 days ago


he bee inosent he bee ibbinusent!!!!

2153 days ago

You are All Cowards    

For the record, I believe that the person responsible for this should be buried alive, whether it’s this guy or not, however I have read some of the foulest most disgusting, racist and judgmental comments here and on other websites like this one...most of them from people who apparently have a sixth grade education at best (#6). It is in forums like this where you can find out what people are really made of...when they hide behind the curtain of anonymity. People don't talk this way in public. Why?...because they are ashamed to associate their face with their true thoughts. Let’s stop being uneducated cowards people! By the way, if you respond negatively to my comments only confirms that I'm talking about you.

2153 days ago


That purdy mouth of his will make him popular on cell block D

2153 days ago


So he learns how to smoke crack, he learns to beat bitches,
he goes on a Hudson family attack and burns them like witches

In the ghetto

...and his momma cries.

(Oh Elvis, why did you have to die so young when we need your wisdom now more than ever? )

2153 days ago


#32, well said. Thank you.

2153 days ago

el polacko    

read the crime statistics.. this is just typical, accepted behavior in the black "community" .. it's not racist, it's just a fact.
all you bleeding heart hypocrites whining about 'racism' spend a lot of time hanging out in black neighborhoods, i'm so sure .. you stay the hell of da hood too.. and for good reason.

2153 days ago


If Jason was shot through the door and already had a bum leg, how did he get upstairs? Who had the child until the car was found, and who drove it to it's resting place. Balfour has association to the murders, but someone had to assist in this. is such why would you report a gun stolen if the gun you have is stolen? What proof placess Julian at the house when the murders were done? I would think once the killer went upstairs, to kill Jason, assuming the mother had already been shot, why wouldn't Julian run or hide. If the killer did not expect Julian to be home and Jason is found in the house hiding or whatever, why wasn't he killed at the home? TO blame Balfour, to blame Julia, where is the blame for the CPD that left a child in a house with drug dealers?

2153 days ago
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