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Heather Locklear: It's Been a Rough Year

12/4/2008 10:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Locklear talked about her DUI bust on "The Tonight Show" last night without ever mentioning the term "DUI" -- but that wasn't what made her start crying.
Heather Locklear: Click to watch


No Avatar

maggie her! she's so cute.

2151 days ago


I love her, but I'd cry too if there was video of my bad dance moves. Still love ya Heather!

2151 days ago


No matter what...she's ADORABLE. She's a gorgeous woman.

2151 days ago


It has been a rough year for her and she has handled it with her head held high.

If we don't learn from our lesson's then, it wasn't a lesson!

2151 days ago


She is so beautiful and passed 40 now? She looks fantastic. May she find some more inner peace with herself this year.

2151 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Didn't you just want to hug her? Stay strong, Heather, we love ya.

2151 days ago


It is incredible she has the nerve to knock the Paparazzi when they saved her life and probably many others by getting her intoxicated ass off the highway. My mom was killed by a driver under the influence. Locklear's problem is she blames everyone for her problems (ie, Richie Sambora, Denise Richards, Tommy Lee) when she is the one who was banging David Spade and her Ex Tommy Lee when she was still married to Richie Sambora. She then had the nerve to have others surprise him on National TV in an interview that she had filed for divorce. This chick has done nothing to stay close to her daughter and only now is taking Ava serious. As for Jack, everyone including me on the set of Melrose knew they were screwing so Locklears laughing is only because Jay asked the question that so many have known. Why no rehab Heather? after your soma coma driving incident? Shouldnt you check in somewhere since your previous stint in rehab was for anxiety? You need rehab and ignoring it will only rear its head in an uglier form sooner or later. The public is forgiving but not stupid!

2151 days ago


I thought this was hilarious, especially watching it last night. Her reaction to me, was perfect. It made me laugh WITH her. It made her a real person.... Too many other stars are fake as hell, they'd probably have their P.R. people getting their panties in a bunch for even showing the old film, plus get all pissy with the host for doing it. She hit the nail on the head with her reaction!

2151 days ago


I've known her family for years and #8 is so right. When you are the big star you can do no wrong. You tell the star no and you are fired! Locklear's problems could have been avoided if she or others on the payroll had the guts to tell her the truth instead they let her control and manipulate the greatest people in her life. The public isnt stupid, go to rehab and for once start telling the public the truth.

2151 days ago


Lol she's so cute. I hope she is getting better and has a great rest of her life.

2151 days ago


Hey #9, get a clue, that was her publicist that gave Jay the old photo. That is the problem with her, her publicist is 10x greater than she will ever be trying to be a serious actress. For the record

2151 days ago


Hey #12........ her P.R. probably didn't get the heads up. Looked like a total surprise, besides that show was on NBC so they don't need permission to show clips of their own sh*t!

Anyway, lighten up people. This clip didn't do the interview justice. It was funny as ... to see her laugh AT herself. Maybe the people that think she needs rehab need to get a damn life too. Ya know a little too much about this woman you crazy stalkers!

2151 days ago


Wasnt she there to plug her show? When Jay asked her about it all she could do was laugh? It didnt make me want to watch it with that response. Just my opinion. I hope she gets help, I've always been a big fan but get the sense she is in denial. My prayers are with her.

2151 days ago


She lost me as a fan..I don't approve of mothers who do drugs.

2151 days ago


#8 how about some forgiveness instead of hate and anger which serves no one. #15 Get over yourself, like you never made a mistake in your life? Gimme a break!

2151 days ago
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