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LiLo vs. Sam -- Who's the Fairest of Them All?

12/6/2008 1:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of these lovely, gal loving gals was repeatedly told how "gorgeous" she looked last night outside the Bowery -- the other, not so much.
Lindsay & Sam: Click to watch


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pattie in cali    

both of these girls could clean up a bit, attitudes mean alot. they both have bad attitudes. they are carzy. loho had a great start being a star, but she soon lost that, by acting out. she will never be in my favorites, she lost that a long time ago. shes trash, and she acts like it too. i don;t think she can act like a lady, its all about her, and nothing else, shes pure trash. her movies and other things are not allowed in my house, i am sick of hollywood bringing trash to the screen. hollywood doesn't care anymore, its all trash, fighting, drugs, drinking, atleast in the old days they kepted it on the downlow. but now, its in your face. GROW UP HOLLYWOOD. CLEAN UP YOUR ACTORS,

2114 days ago


I think Sam is too good for her.

2114 days ago


You know, I think Sam is too good for this creep.

2114 days ago


This girl has had too many people over the years telling her how wonderful and beautiful she is. It's created an ego monster.

2114 days ago


Once again LiLo shows the world what an ungrateful b!tc# she is.

2114 days ago


Lindsay isn't even that pretty and without the makeup she's hideous freckles and all.

2114 days ago


You all are jealous. Probably a bunch of fat ugly b*tches too. And this is coming from a guy who isn't really even a fan but I must say, Linsay Lohan is stunning. Looks wise, she is one of the most beautiful young actresses out there. And her body is unreal. Oh and freckels aren't ugly by the way. I think they look really hot on some girls. And she is definitely one of them.

2114 days ago


What is the point of posting videos like this? Nothing happened!

2114 days ago


"Linsay Lohan is stunning. Looks wise, she is one of the most beautiful young actresses out there. And her body is unreal."

LOL her body is fat and flabby! Have you seen her Monroe pics? past,y nasty, and fat. And as far as looks go whatever i don't think a zac efron lookalike in drag is beautiful at all i've seen far better than this thing..

2114 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

I was talking to Sam as she was standing at the urinal in the men's room at the Bowery, and I told her that she was gorgeous, too.

2113 days ago


Is Samantha trying to becme the third Madden twin???? She looks like she belongs in Good Charlotte.
Why oh why does this woman dress like a man????

Why oh why is Lindsay crazy??? Oh never mind....

2113 days ago


Lohan is crazier than hell. That's why. And her "boyfriend" Ronson wants to be a man without having a homegrown spout.

2113 days ago


Those aren't freckles, they're sun spots from where she stayed out in the sun too long. Its starting to show too. The skin on her chest and shoulders looks all leathery and gross. If she keeps it up she's gonna start looking older than her trashy mom.

2113 days ago


I honestly think Lindsay has lost her freaking mind.

2113 days ago


Hey, Sick of Morons..... YOU are a moron. If you think that fire-crotched carpet muncher is hot, then I suggest that you go get your eyes checked. LiLo looks rode hard and put away wet.

LiLo and DilRo - NOT hot.

2113 days ago
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