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O.J. Sunk By Classic Arrogance

12/6/2008 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oj SimpsonKiller O.J. Simpson's killer arrogance torpedoed his chance for a get-out-of-jail card.

The man who hacked two people to death (relax, a civil jury said he did) was offered a plea deal but rejected it. According to the prosecutor, "Mr. Simpson wanted something just short of a public apology" and rejected a deal that would have kept him in the pokey for less time than his sentence -- 9 to 33 years.

Like we've said before, it was only a matter of time ...


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Dyna ™    

Posted at 1:11PM on Dec 6th 2008 by No J
WTF? Your post makes no sense at all! Try reading what you have written before you decide to post it.

No J!.. no S**t! It didn't make sense to me either.... all I can say is she should puff, puff, pass, pass!

2144 days ago


B.J.'ss for O.J. Yah---hooo!! It is finally about time this bastard goes to his place of residence for the rest of his life. He is going to do the long over due time for murdering 2 people. I hope the Home boys make his life miserable, painful and let him suffer for as long as the Brown's and the Goldman's has felt pain. This Judge was incredible in sentencing him with the memories we all have of his past crime, which should never, never have been found a non guilty verdict.. Happy Big House to you O.J.

2144 days ago


I wounder if OJ will be a top or bottom?...ha ha

2144 days ago


#32...You are nuts! Some people are just plain evil. He is not a "victim" of celebrity. He is a killer of 2 people. He doesn't need to reflect. He has not "reflected" in 13 years...

2144 days ago


I hope that TMZ will have a poll on how OJ will die in prison. He will either die of natural causes, an inmate will kill him or he'll commit suicide.

2144 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Yo, digg this Brother OJ, you're just a semen drinkin' MFr now....drink it down bitch.

2144 days ago

hop on top    

For everyone conjecturing how long it will take for an inmate to kill him or all the "sausage with OJ" jokes, they have said OJ will be kept in solitary, away from the general prison population, for his protection.

Standard procedure with high-profile inmates like OJ. Devastatingly lonely for him (not that anyone should shed any tears for him), but meant to ensure that he only dies of natural causes in there.

But certainly have fun on here with all the bets and scenarios that won't be allowed to happen to him.

2144 days ago


The correct term in Greek is ὕβρις (hubris): overweening pride, self-confidence, superciliousness, or arrogance, often resulting in fatal retribution.

Some less educated attribute it to "karma"; nothing could be further from the truth as one's own undoing is the harvest from the seeds they themselves have sown, not some cosmic force.

2144 days ago


O.J. certainly deserves to be put away, but what you people don't understand is he will be in a SOLITARY cell and only let out, under guard. away from all other prisoners for exercise.

2144 days ago

Triple Play    

Oj got what he deserved. For years he has abused the public and the legal community telling everyone that he was looking for the killer. What he needed was that dim wit Marsha Clark and Judge Ito to hear his case. He would have walked away a free man.
Sorry OJ it must really suck to be you.

2144 days ago


Finally! This lying, narcissistic, waste of skin is going where he truly deserves to be. The poster that said he has had years to reflect about his life is right. This thing will never accept any responsibility for anything he has done. He is ignorant and arrogant. I think in his mind he truly believes he has never done anything wrong and that he is always right.

Enjoy the pen, O.J.! I hope you miserable every day that you spend in prison. Far cry from a golf course, huh?

Oh, and O.J., if you want to find the "real killers" ... just look in a mirror.

2144 days ago


This was NOT about his past crimes, it was about the crimes he committed last year. He could have received a life sentence for the kidnapping charges alone, so he's lucky he only received 9 - 33 years!

The moron actually had the nerve to tell the judge that he was only trying to retrieve his property, including some of his wife's belongings so he could give them to his daughter. Yeah, about about not having taken her mother away from her in the first place by murdering her? Idiot!

2144 days ago


#38 hop on top: Your condescending post doesn't take into account prison guards out for glory.

2144 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Thanks #39, I never knew or had a reason to know what hubris meant. I guess even TMZ
can teach you something. Anyway: my prediction is that O.J will serve his term, win the lottery,
buy a golf course, marry a blond 22 year old women and live happily ever after

2144 days ago


Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!! Karma's a bitch, ain't it! ;)

2144 days ago
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