Creepy Banjo Kid in "Deliverance": 'Memba Him?!

12/9/2008 2:25 PM PST

Creepy Banjo Kid in "Deliverance": 'Memba Him?!

Billy Redden is best known for playing Lonnie, the creepy banjo kid, in the 1972 film "Deliverance." Guess what he looks like now!

You Guys Are Sick!

Los Angeles is filled with sick people... LITERALLY! See who forgot their flu shot.

Used Old Bags of Hollywood

These old bags never seem to get trashed. No matter how much you use them.

Asses and Butt Cheeks -- The Speidi Honeymoon

Every cheesy, phoney, douchey and dare we say -- quasi-erotic -- moment during the Heidi and Spencer "honeymoon" in Mexico was captured on film (shocking, we know).

Over 100 shots that will make you vomit in your mouth -- but resistance is futile.

Fall Fashion Falls Flat!

There has always been a fine line between fab and drab in the fashion world. See who missed the mark!