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No More Big House for Vick's Mama

12/9/2008 8:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick's prison cell may soon be more of a home than his mother has -- and it's all his fault.

Recent bankruptcy docs show Vick can't afford to pay the $4700/month mortgage payments for his mother's Suffolk home -- and he's hired a local realtor in Virginia to try to sell off the property.

To make matters worse, his mom, Brenda Boddie, won't earn her $100K income anymore -- because she works for Michael's company, which now is kaput.

The home is one of several Vick bought when he blew through more than $18 mil over a couple of years.

We reached Vick's mother at home and she politely declined to speak with us.

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If he had 18 mil, why didn't he pay cash for some of his houses. It doesn't cost 18 mil to buy a house on a mortgage. Sounds to me there were a lot of people around him robbing him such as managers, lawyers, accountants, agents pulling big salaries off of his income. Why don't you talk about them TMZ?

2143 days ago


He blew through $18 mil in a couple years?!? Did not this fool save any money at all??? Well I feel bad for his mama...hope she had the good sense to save some of her money.

2143 days ago


I don't feel bad for his mom. His mom knew about his doggie dog ways if you know what i mean. I am sure she did. So screw her too!

2143 days ago


I have a used dog house she can move into for free. It should make her feel right at home.

2143 days ago


Well, if his mom DID know about the dog fighting, you're 100% right, she deserves it. But I never heard that she knew about it. Most 'kids' don't inform their parents of their illegal activities, ya know? And sometimes you just can't help what choices your kids make...we have one really good kid and one really bad kid, and they were raised exactly the same... I feel bad for his mama cause it's back to the ghetto, which has to be 100X worse once you've had a taste of the good life!

2143 days ago


Sucked in...Why didnt he just buy his propertys outright with some of that 18mil?

Hope he's nice & cuddly with them other inmates.

2143 days ago


TMZ is always starting some sh*t. Uncle Sam got a big chunk of his 18 mil before he could even spend it. Another big chunk went to agents, managers, lawyers and accountants. Another big chunk went to real estate agents selling him over priced houses as investments in a down turning market. Plus a lot of hangers ons and all the relatives who come out of the woodwork when they find you have money. All this along with his ignorance of finance has led him into the poor house.

2143 days ago


................One more item that Vick caused to happen, by his life choices and massive stupidity..................There are different levels of ignorance.........Some, I could feel empathy for...........But Vick, no.........................

2143 days ago


Good! That's what she deserves for raising a monster!!! Hope she has to live in the street!

2143 days ago


I dont understand why celebrities have to buy such huge houses to begin with. No one wants to buy Michaels house why does he think someone is going to buy his mamas? Well she can forget about Marcus helping her as hes a has been too. Instead of buying a $99,000 car, why didnt he use that to pay on the house?

2143 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

BigBen: What led his sorry AZZ into the poor house was operating a dog fighting business. Tough crap! But he gotta take care of his Bro's, etc. The ghetto mentality. Well it got him put right where the hell he should be.

18 million, less taxes. STILL he had a hell of alot of money. Pissed it away. Geesh, my heart feels for him and his friggin leaching family and friends.......................NOT!

2143 days ago


People are right...Karma is a b!tc#.

2143 days ago


..............BigBen @ 6:43 am.......I don't think Uncle Sam got much from Vick..........You see, Vick didn't file a 2007 tax return..................Another problem that Vick caused to happen...........As for houses and everything else, Vick had the last word on Yes or No..................Therein lies the problem...............

2143 days ago


Get out the violins.

2143 days ago

pap asses    

dont feel sorry for Vick. They had rape-racks to strap the females in for breeeding. They pulled dogs teeth so they wouldnt tear up the other during breeding. The fights to the death, the poison, electricution, drowning. It takes a sick dude to to that stuff. Those things are crimes for a reason, it is cruelety

2143 days ago
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