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Xmas Mystery -- Britney and the Phantom Belch

12/11/2008 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears accused her kid Jayden James of ripping a burp in her face during a sweet Christmas message to her fans. Problem is -- there's no evidence on the video to back up her claim! She's using the kid as a scape-throat!!


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aww they're so cute :) loving her new cd. glad that she's getting better day by day

2106 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Britney says "I can't go anywhere because the paps are harassing me!!" Then stop putting out videos of yourself and using your kids for publicity, sorry, you can't have it BOTH ways. There are celebrities out there whose kids are rarely seen, she has NO problem shoving them out there to her advantage. I'm sure K-Fed's car was waiting in the driveway to get those kids the heck out of there are soon as she was done "using" them.

2106 days ago


Yap, the little kid burped(right at 6 seconds)...TMZ are we getting alittle desperate for some Britney drama?

2106 days ago


Half of you can't spell, Britney is a dingbat, and all of it just gave me gas.

Thanks. Hope you are happy.

2106 days ago


Boy it must be a real bad day when you have to give this thing coverage. Wouldn't this picture be like child molesting. I mean this no talent (And she is to singing what Sarah Dogface Parker is to beauty) Ya'll Dunce is a danger to this kid. Please someone save this trailer park trash boy in training. God what a load she is.

2106 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Suri Holmes is always on tmz as is Gavin Rosedale as is Harlow Madden as is Jennifer Garner's daughter (can't think of her name), as are the Beckam boys, as are the Brangelina kids, etc. etc. etc. Are those kids being photo-oped as well. You people sicken me.

2106 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Gavin Rossdale is Gwen's husband, not child. You don't know the names off hand of Jen Garner's daughter or the Beckham boys. They are in public, not specifically making a video for publicity. I think you proved my point. Harlow Madden I think I've seen twice. Suri Cruise? Easy, her parents are publicity whores just like Britney. She will pimp those kids out just like her mama did to her. Poor kids, all the money in the world won't buy them stability.

2106 days ago


i don't like her at all but i am glad to see her doing better!

2106 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

12. Who cares, her and her whole f-uped family should all die.

Posted at 1:17PM on Dec 11th 2008 by Kevin

You're another pathetic excuse for a human being who is wishing death to Britney. This demonstrates that you are a lot sicker than Britney will ever be, and you need to be locked up and segregated from other people before you harm yourself or someone else.

2106 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

That sound you hear in the background about 13 minutes into the latest TMZ TV show is actually Harvey Levin ripping a huge fart. He likes to let them go in paper bags and he then sniffs them while playing with himself.

2106 days ago


Look at the oldest child. As soon as Britney's done reading her script, she and Sean Preston part ways, he walks away from her and she doesn't even blink an eye or look his way. She never holds him, either. You always see her with the youngest child. What's going on there? THERE'S the story, TMZ, not some stupid burp.....

2106 days ago


P.S. I wonder, given she has a mental condition of some sort, that she doesn't take to the oldest child because he looks like Kevin but takes to the youngest child because he looks like her? Just sayin'....

2106 days ago


To be honest, I think the REAL story is that statue in the back corner. Only Britney would try to dress up a lawn jockey statue as art. LMAO


2106 days ago

Another story    

Who cares!

2106 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Merry Christmas, Britney.

I'm not much of a fan of yours, but I'm glad to see the successful work you've done so far, and I'm wishing you even more healing and more success in the year to come.

2106 days ago
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