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Brit: Konnichiwha the Hell is Going On Here?!

12/15/2008 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There has never been a person more obviously confused and bewildered than Britney Spears on a Japanese TV show this weekend. It's both awkward and entertaining -- much like everything else she does.
Britney Spears: Click to watch


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What goes around will come around, Harvey    

61. TMZ - ummm - like you are ANY of us would have done any better?!?! Good grief - can't you be ANYTHING less than nasty and hateful?????

Posted at 5:46PM on Dec 15th 2008 by Oats

Sadly, the answer is no.

2140 days ago


She did a good job here - it was cute and she was a good sport. They were not laughing at her, it was at the host, who was obviously trying his comedy chops and they probably had a sign up that said LAUGH NOW, only in Japanese. She did a great job in a foreign country.

2140 days ago


Google "Redirecting Eddie". cute movie. cool music. proceeds go to charity.

2140 days ago


Personally, I think she is acting like a 14 year old. She tries to act super sweet and uses that stupid baby voice. It's all an ugly act. We all know what she REALLY acts like. Her career is totally because of her manager telling her how to look, act, etc.

2139 days ago

Dr. Adams    

To by b
I had stated that the only losers were the people that buy Britneys concert tickets,
I had a typo in the word BUY....

2139 days ago


I hate that when they (foreign speaking people) sit and talk and laugh at your expense and when you go to ask what they said it is always something really short like "what have you done while you've been here?" Yeah, that is what they were saying. Sure. That is why they were laughing so hard at her as she walked away. She's on their turf so she has to suck it up, but it is still rude. It is great if you can understand the language and catch them saying crap about you.

2139 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Hey...Yin Yang...then perhaps she should have stuck to giving concerts in English speaking countries, then she could have avoided being laughed at...but I seriously doubt that she could have avoided the laughter even in English speaking countries....Lets all face it the tart just cant hold a tune in a wet paper bag!!

2139 days ago


LOL OMG She was on Hey Hey Hey Music champ! That is an AWESOME music talkshow. Those hosts are freakin hilarious!

2139 days ago


Yet another TMZ waste of time

2139 days ago

Laughin Real Hard    

If someone understood what they were saying let me know. I would have been way more confused than she was. I give her props for standing there and doing the interview.

BTW last time I checked this is America.... Pay close attention to the statement below... It's called freedom of speech. So those who can't handle what someone else has to say or type remember that they have a right to say whatever they want as do you.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Notice there is reference to doing bodily harm to someone that you disagree with or don't like what they have to say. It's like this board has FCC regulating it sometimes. People need to grow and realize that there opinions are like a$$holes everyone has one.

2139 days ago


That was frigggin hilarious! Poor Brittney though, she was like "whata hell" Ha-Ha -Ha. I loved it. Please leave this one up so I can use it when ever I get depressed. I think even Brittney is laughing at this, I hope so because she is trying to be good and doesn't need to go all shaved head on us or nothin. You feelin me yall.

2139 days ago


People, Britney is smart, she has a "baby" voice except when she is mad then she can be quite vocal. Also when she is nervous she uses it. Her so called handlers do not set up the interviews, it is the record company and the promoters.
TMZ misses crazy Brit so they pull this stunt to make her look stupid and you haters and other people fall for it. Britney did good and it does look like they are poking fun at her. No where does she look bewildered or out of it.

2139 days ago


I love Hey Hey Hey! They are so out there! Brit should have known all they would do was make her feel awkward and laugh alot. Cause thats what they always do! They were being tame compared to other episodes.

2139 days ago

Big Bear    

Two weeks ago the anchors on CNN were laughing at Britney because she could not turn on the lights on a Christmas tree. The switch with on and off was way too advanced for her. Who turns on the lights at her house?? Does a person follow her around to do difficult things like a light switch??

2137 days ago

Harald Wenk (Dr. rer. Nat.)    

Concerning the intelligence of our valuable Mrs. Britney Spears I have
forgotten to comment, that her menal disturbances especially combined with mediclal drugs
are bound to decreas her numerical values in tests - temporary.

Japan is a very rich and developed country.
Its finacial market maybe some kind of pivot for
the momentan crisis.

2136 days ago
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