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Kid Rock Goes Tubing Before Shark Suicide

12/20/2008 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kid RockKid Rock is seen here chilling in the lazy river of the now infamous Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas a few weeks ago -- not realizing the actual risk he was taking.

Prior to taking the pic, TMZ spies spotted the Waffle House rumbler going down the same water slide that claimed the life of a shark earlier this week.

Kid Rock is definitely no stranger to taking risks. He was married to Pam Anderson.


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Wow,,,thank God he was not hurt.....He took a hugh risk and survived to tell about it....Maybe TMZ should speak to some soldiers in Iraq and see if they give a damn about some idiot celeberty, going down a water slide, one week after a shark jumped onto the slide....News must be slow today !!! ,,,,that shark died in about 2 seconds.....

2131 days ago


I agree this is kind of hitting the bottom of the barrel for something to put in the news. Kid Rock is fine for a news subject but this was truly boring..

2131 days ago


Why does everyone leave stupid ass comments about how dumb celebrities are how boring this or that was?
If you have issues with celebs, what the hell are you doing here? Jeesh!
Get back on your meds people.

2131 days ago


uumm..i was there at the atlantis in march of 06!! why aren't you concerned about me??? i actually went down that waterslide..and went down that same lazy river as kidrock!! and here is some celebrity news for you...i saw larry birkhead (of the nicole saga) at the well as former dallas cowboys coach jimmy johnson!! what about all of us???

2131 days ago


A line from your original story states: "In the over ten years guests have experienced the Leap of Faith, the reef shark itself, harmless to humans as it is fed regularly by our staff, had shown no previous incidences of leaping out of the water in the marine habitat ..."

So which is it? Did Kid Rock really take a "risk" since the shark is harmless to humans? Personally, I find it unfortunate that the events didn't play out the way I would have wanted.......

"Kid Rock killed after harmless shark turns vicious when he spotted Kid Rock on the Leap of Faith Slide. The shark amazingly jumped the wall and ripped off Kid Rock's head. The shark's motive was the overplaying of the stupidest song ever written by Kid Rock, "All Summer Long"."

RIP, Shark.

2131 days ago


awwww megan....i'll take him if you don't want him :) lol

2131 days ago


Maybe the shark killed itself after Kid used the slide..... just saying...

2131 days ago


I never really liked TMZ which is probably why I never come on here because most of the comments are usually mean spirited. If you dont have anything nice to say then you shouldnt say anything at all. I like Bobby and its not like he told people to take a picture of him and put him on some stupid website with a stupid article, I admit this article is boring and he probably didnt even know about the shark. I still love him though looks like he was having fun.

2131 days ago


I know I'd like to be in the middle of that tube (no pun intended) with him :)

And luckycharm...I get first dibs. LOL

2131 days ago

The Dude    

Is that a baby ruth floating in the water?

2131 days ago


woah cara you want to fight me for him lmao? You sure have posted a lot on here but thats okay I guess. I think hes just a great artist and is a grat performer and I dont care what anyone else says about him thats negative because they dont matter. I've had the pleasure of meeting him several times because he lives near me and hes very sweet! Where do you live at?

2131 days ago


I'm in OHIO. Which explains why I'm posting so much on this article.
There's absolutely ntothing to do on a Saturday in Columbus. LOL

Lucky you to live near him :) I can tell he's a sweet, normal kinda guy.
I'd like to be able to meet him one day and just chill out.
Where do you live?

And no, I wouldn't fight you for him LOL But I still get first dibs! LOL

2131 days ago


Hey Lucky and Cara, I live in the Detroit area too and have had the pleasure of meeting him, his mom and sister!! They are all very nice and he is MUCh better looking in real life!!Oh and the mom and sister could not stand PAMELA!!!!

2131 days ago


Ughhh I'm feeling so left out! I want to meet him! Whaaaaa!!!!
I know I sound like a crazed fan, but really I'm not. LOL
Just another person who would like to not only meethim but actually hang out with him for a week.

Okay a month.

Ok Dammit! Forever. LOL

His mom and sis couldn't atand her? How come?
And how do you know? LOL I think that's sum funny shiat. LOL

You're so lucky bailouttheautoco.s! I'm JEALOUS!!!!

2131 days ago


To me looks dont really matter. I mean they sort of matter but to me I'd rather have an average guy with a good heart ya know. But I do think Kid Rock is very good looking though so thats good. Yeah I'm about 45 minutes from Detroit bailouttheauto. I live about probably hmm 40 minutes from him, and he grew up just a few miles from my house, I just think hes a normal guy and I really would like to hang out with him someday well I'm sure most of his fans want to hang out with him lol but the difference with me is is that I dont care about his celebrity status you can believe me or not but its the truth all that celebrity stuff makes me uncomfortable and so does people that have a lot of money I know I'm weird right. I would just like to hang out with Bobby and go party or just hang out hes just a cool guy.

2131 days ago
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