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Kid Rock Goes Tubing Before Shark Suicide

12/20/2008 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kid RockKid Rock is seen here chilling in the lazy river of the now infamous Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas a few weeks ago -- not realizing the actual risk he was taking.

Prior to taking the pic, TMZ spies spotted the Waffle House rumbler going down the same water slide that claimed the life of a shark earlier this week.

Kid Rock is definitely no stranger to taking risks. He was married to Pam Anderson.


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Lmao are you for real? I never said he would contact me that was her who put her website up there I thought it was stupid. And I only responded to her because she said something to me. Your for real? Why are you on here if you dislike us both?

2097 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

Easy luckycharm. Take a valium and relax. I'm just yanking your chain. I don't hate either of you. I just thought I'd find the first person I thought would respond and you are the winner. This is a site where you could basically say what you want, even if it is
mean spirited or even muey estupido. Don't get too riled up by what people say here. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. You're probably too nice of a person to even be on this site.
So, anyway, I hope you have a nice Christmas and a happy new year.


2097 days ago

Kid Rocks    

Yeah Haters, find something else to do...leave Kid alone, he isn't bothering anyone...I can only WISH he was "bothering" me!!!

2097 days ago


well you did call me a silly bitch so I'm not really sure how to respond to that? Anyways your right I am too nice to be on this site and I will take that as a complement I suppose thanks hope you have a nice holiday too.

2097 days ago



2097 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

Ahh luckycharm. I knew you would respond. To tell the truth, I don't think I could even name a Kid Rock song, so all of my comments were to get a rise out of you. I don't dislike the Kid, seeing as I don't even know him or his music. Now here we are, talking like old friends, just like I said you and Cara were doing. You, my dear, are not a silly bitch. That, again, was just to get a reaction. I'm sorry to say that I've done this before. Too much time on my hands. But, I'll probably be back to my old ways tomorrow. So until then, you just be the beautiful person you are, and maybe we'll talk again.
By the way, as a child, Lucky Charms was my favorite cereal.

2097 days ago


Wow - TMZ must have been desperate to use that photo of Kid Rock. Talk about your non-stories!

2097 days ago


Anyone who thinks Kid Rock is handsome must be seriously deprived. He looks like a hillbilly, scrawny small featured face, sqinty eyes and a loud mouth. He's pure punk and a solid looser. Kid would have killed the shark himself if he thought he could keep it as a tropphy, or wear the teeth around his neck and call it bling! I hope goes back to the rock he named himself after and craw back under it!

2097 days ago


Call me a deprived bitch I guess. LOL
And kidding the kid:

lick it baby. :P

2097 days ago


FYI I never said he would see my comments. But ... ya never know and if he does and contact me (doubtful)...I'll be the first one to have him and the dead shark take me to your door and spit on you so put that in your glass pipe and smoke it # 25.

2097 days ago


Oh yeah and luckycharms...
i don't care about looks either, in fact i think when i first saw him, i didn't think he was hot...
it's his personality and his attitude that made him hot tome and now he's just smokin'. :)

posting my link was stpuid?
why? tmz allows you to post it so why not take a chance? you have to take chances in life or you'll never get anywhere :) LOL I don't for a minute think he'll actually get a hold of me. But I take chances :) I'm a rebel baby.
And...I can take on anyone who wants to F*!#k with me. I'm not scared :)

I have my gloves on...Bring it on bitchez :)

2097 days ago


My profile is now puiblic for your viewing pleasure...jackasses. AND I don't use the internet for dating. loser.

(not you luckycharms, the loser boy that can't get a gf #26 :)

2097 days ago


kidding the kid- okay so your not even a kid rock hater you were just bored and couldnt think of anything else to do? hmmm okay I know it doesnt matter what other people say but sometimes it gets me riled up. Youve done this before? You must have too much time on your hands if all you can do is bash people like me that do nothing to anyone else. I'm the nicest person you'll ever met lady/man whoever you are so I think you should think next time instead of calling me names because you dont know me. I just dont like people bashing him because I know what a sweet guy he is his image is just that an image so whatever I'm done have a nice day and I like luckycharms too.

2097 days ago


Lol cara thats right you go girl and show them whos boss! Your totally right you have to take chances in life. If people dont like him then why comment on something thats about him? hmm dont get that. Yeah I guess you can post whatever you want thats fine but other people wont like it but who cares about them. I think hes just a cool down to earth laid back guy who made it from his small town which is right where I live. If he can do it I can do it right? Well not really because I wouldnt want to be a celebrity but dreams can happen but you gotta work really hard. Hes made bad decisions in his life but who the hell hasnt?

2097 days ago


um speaking of dumbass comments number 3 what does your stupid ass comment have too do with kidrock and celebs are stupid if they werent they woulddnt give tmz news worthy stories for there site i.e linda hogan and paris hilton u retard its too bad kidrock wasnt killed by the shark hes so 98 the guy cant even get his new cd played on the radio

2097 days ago
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