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Barack O-Spam-a -- Yes He Did

12/23/2008 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Prez-elect has proven he has no problem with pork. Well, chopped pork shoulder with a variety of other meats mixed in.

On Sunday, reports People, Barack Obama stopped for a mid-golfing snack and got hot dogs, drinks, and something the Hawaiians call "Spam musubi," which is Spam and omelette on rice wrapped in seaweed. Yes, it's delicious, and we know it isn't going to his abs.

He also reportedly offered reporters beers on his tab, which they declined.


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Who gives a s.hit

2073 days ago


Those are really delicious!!! I am going to make those now for the holidays!

2073 days ago


LOL.. oh jr lighten up .. how exhausting it must be to constantly search TMZ for opportunities to try put down our President. Sit back and take it like a man.. just like the rest of us have had to do the last 8yrs while people like you kept voting that crook Bush. Obama at least deserves his 8yrs, he certainly can't do any worse than the douche you all put in office twice.

2073 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

I've heard that he's a really picky eater, so I am shocked that he would eat something as disgusting as Spam.

2073 days ago



2073 days ago

Are you kidding me?    

Hey Mrs. Pine..have you ever tried Spam? I can almost 100% guarantee that you haven't. My husband is from Hawaii and Spam to Hawaiian's is like french fries to us. Don't knock it until you've tried it. I've heard SO many people say that Spam is "disgusting" because they've never tried it then...they try it and "WOW" this stuff is really good!

And for all of the people about to attack me about you eat hot dogs or bologna? If it!

2073 days ago


Hey chilly...funny you call Bush a crook! No more of a crook then Hussein Obama's Democrat cronies! 8 years of Obama???????????? Watch what you wish just might get it! God help us all!!!!!...Tool!!

2073 days ago


#3 To your surprise Obama is not Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy or the next coming of Jesus Christ...Yet.. So you and many others need not put him on a pedestal until he proves that he can do half of what he says he can do....

2073 days ago

Hawaii Kid    

"Something the Hawaiians call Spam musubi" ?!?! Wake up America! Hawaii is a state! And for the record:
1. Not everyone in Hawaii is Hawaiian. Actually, there are very few pure Hawaiians left.
2. Spam is a staple food in Hawaii. Its like cheese steak for philly or pizza for Chicago.
3. He's not taking a vacation on an exotic island, he's just coming home. Note the "State" comment.
4. The exchange rate for Hawaiian currency to dollars has not increased since he has been elected. ;-)

2073 days ago

No Fooling    

I didn`t think Muslims were allowed to eat pork products.
Nobama on vacation in Hawaii? Yeah right....he`s just making sure his birth certificate is still sealed

2073 days ago


Look at all of the anti-president comments on this board! It makes me sick. I did not vote for Bush, but he did not execute every facet of the far right agenda that most repugs wanted him to. Minorities were not burned at the stake, white collar criminals still went to jail, and he put minorities in high ranking positions. For that, I liked him.

Regarding Obama, he will have to be better than the rest because of the miniscule margin of error. Let use your home as an example. Its so easy for you to take a nice home & f*** it up. "But its hard god-da** work, making something this pretty, look like a chump or a geek!"" Ok, Ok I digress. lol Its harder to clean up a mess than it is to make one.

2073 days ago

Mississippi Burnning    

His brother would like spam. He is poor. Why want he help him out?

2073 days ago


Doesn’t that tell you idiots that think he’s Muslim that he is NOT, because Muslims don’t eat pork? I’m just glad to see him out and about and spending time with the family. Let’s not forget he’s human, even though some of you wish he wasn’t. I am so glad that he is THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

2073 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

Spam Sushi rocks.

2073 days ago

Truth is stranger than fiction    

To jr:

Geez, kiddo, take a break. In all probability, you put Bush in office, so stop tyring to pull Obama down every time TMZ posts an article on him. So far, Obama's done exactly what he said he would do. Both he and his administration have a helluva lot of problems to deal with, simultaneously -- in many ways, more so than any other president before him. If you want him to fail, you want this country to fail. I am not a Bush supporter, but I didn't want to see him fail, either; he is our president.

2073 days ago
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