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Fitty -- My Pillow Talk Ain't Worth 50 Cents

12/24/2008 3:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If 50 Cent makes you a promise post-coitus, don't hold him to it.

TMZ has learned 50 Cent is firing back at baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins, who filed a $50 million breach of contract suit. In a response to her suit we've obtained, 50 says anything he said to her is "nothing more than pillow talk and romantic declarations of love."

50 even lays out in the simplest terms -- "If I ever intended to make that kind of commitment to [Tompkins], I would have married her."

Baby Mama's people -- your serve.


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They should both be ashamed of themselves. All this silliness. Its unfortunate that neither of them are considering whats in the best interest of their child. All this fighting must be effecting him in some manner. Selfish a-holes!

2107 days ago


I agree p1tey1 - Its getting ridiculous.

2107 days ago


I hope fiffy cent learn the lesson's of oral contract.

2107 days ago


im a women but he´s right!!!

2107 days ago

northern gypsy    

did i just feel a arctic front blowing their way ??? it's getting chilly in here...
you really wanted that piece of a$$ so bad you'd resort to "pillow talk" ???
man up...take care of you baby...keep your business off the streets...

2107 days ago

yummi26 - old school forever!!!    

I'm a woman, but I feel like this mess has gotten wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out of hand. He's right...if she was going to get all that she claims, he'd have married her or put it on paper. He's taking care of his child, and she's using the child as a meal ticket. I ain't saying she's a gold digger, but she ain't messin with no broke...

2107 days ago


Like who really cares about 50 cents and his lady. A flash in the pan to grab some more headlines. To try and sell what he calls music.... sad sad sad ... he and his music if you can call it that

2107 days ago


I agree that BOTH of them are nasty POSes. Both of them should have thought about using PROTECTION if they were not committed to each other. That said, the turd 50 should be held accountable because he DID make a baby with her. They are both good examples of what is wrong with this world now. Bleeech.

2107 days ago


Fifty sucks.

2107 days ago

Find your own $$    

She is a gold digger. $50 million??? For what? Get a job, lady and earn your own keep.

2107 days ago

As Good As Its Gets    

I'm not a fan of 50 but he is right, it's about child support not adult support. He is supporting his son, she should get off her laxy ass and get a job and stop using her son as a meal ticket

2107 days ago

50 is apig    

I see we are all enlightened here. To all those women supporting 50, he ain't coming to sweep you off your feet. As women we all know that a man will say anything and everything to get where he wants to go, and we all know where that is. Yes, he should pay child support, and you better believe that it's about adult support. I believe in strong independent woman but come on. You praise 50 because he takes the 2 seconds it takes to write a check. She's talking about sleepless nights with a sick kid, Her life is no longer her own while he barely takes time to look back. Oh no, he'd pay. Maybe then he'd learn that oral should be taking seriously. Didn't he learn from the other pig that is Bill Clinton?

2107 days ago


this about money for her not the child there has never been a child on the planet earth that needed 30,000 dollars a month to feed and put clothes on the childs back even if you send that child to private school. this is why i would never allow myself to get another woman pregnant. i went throught this same thing with my ex-wife i made it big after we split no were near as big as 50 but i got big bread and now she wants it thank god the judge saw it my way and gave me custody of my boys and no allimony paments. any man forced to pay allimony to a woman should be rewarded by that woman having to come over and have sex with him just like she got used to the lifestyle and money the man got used to that ass so women should still have to give it up if the man has to give up his money.

2107 days ago


post# 11

"...She's talking about sleepless nights with a sick kid, Her life is no longer her own..."

News Flash... she's a Mother, and that's a Mother's job. Mothers dont get paid for being Mothers.

2107 days ago

Rebie Johnson    

That chick needs to get a life, the man put himself on child support because she had gotten ridiculous. She had her man and a bunch of other people living in his house, while he paid the bills. Man! get real,

2107 days ago
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