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"Law and Order" Actress Sued -- **Doink Doink**

12/25/2008 4:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ok, what's worse: An ungrateful actress or a talent agency that relies on oral promises? **Doink Doink**.

S. Epatha Merkerson got lots of jobs -- most notably a starring role as Lt. Anita Van Buren in "Law and Order" -- yet won't pay The Gersh Agency 10%. **Doink Doink".

In a lawsuit filed in L.A. Superior Court, the agency claims it had an oral deal -- as in trust me dahling, I'm good for it. **Doink Doink**.

The suit claims Merkerson pulled in $2,229,084 for "Law and Order alone." The agency wants at least $222,908.40.

**Doink Doink!!!!***.


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Hey TMZ and Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah.

I think the sound you're going for is more of a "CHUN-CHUNG" than a "DOINK DOINK"

2129 days ago


first...and why you may ask? Because no one cares about this... must really be a slow news day!!

2129 days ago


so she goes to her job amd get s paid and from an oral agreement some jackass wants all she earned wow people are just crazy today

2129 days ago


What's with the "doink doink"?

2129 days ago


Epatha, you would not be where you are but for the job Gersh got you. Do the right thing or prepare yourself for the heavy hand of Karma. Just look at O.J. It eventually catches up with you.

2129 days ago


I'm not in the biz, but it seems to me a reputable agency with a true agreement would have written contracts and not oral agreements. Oh, and what the hell is doink doink?

2129 days ago


Yea, she should pay them their dues, but who was stupid enough NOT to get it in writing. That's the agency's screw up, not hers.

2129 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

Show them the money!!!

2129 days ago

Misplaced Texan    

That's was my question. Yes, she should pay, but what kind of agent in Hollywood or NY or any where does business on a handshake or a verbal? That person is an idiot. Always get it in writing.

#4 The *Doink, Doink* is from Law & Order. Every time there is a development in the show, you hear a *Doink, Doink*

2129 days ago


We don't know the whole story. I think she's one of the good guys in Hollywood.

2129 days ago


lol the doink doink was funny but i didnt get it until texan explained it. i dont think it sounds like 'doink doink' at all.

2129 days ago


Wonder if they'll wind up on Judge

2129 days ago


We don't know the whole story here. I agree if she owes it, she should pay but what kind of business doesn't get something in writing!? That's their fault, not hers! I kind of hope they don't get anything just for being dumb!

And to #5, I wouldn't dare compare Ms. Epatha to no O.J.! Last I checked, she hasn't murdered anyone and she's much more classier than O.J. ever was.

2129 days ago


If this is true, she should pay, but an oral agreement? Come on. If this is a reputable agency why didn't they get it in writing? And also, how long has she been on Law and Order? You mean they're just now filing a lawsuit? 15 successful years later they want their money?

It smells fishy to me.

And I agree that the Law and Order sound is more *CHUNG CHUNG*.

2128 days ago


*DOINK DOINK* is def NOT the sound thats played. it's more of a "DUN DUN"

2128 days ago
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