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Katie and Suri Look Divine

12/27/2008 1:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We always thought Suri Cruise was born of a virgin birth ...


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John Edwards    

Must have been a virgin birth, Tom's gayer than gay. He used to keep a boy friend in an apartment in West Hollywood. All the police in West Hollywood know about it.

2090 days ago


Britney only functions because someone forcces her to take her meds every day.

She is under conservatorship, which is a legal term and means she cannot make adult decisions.

You call that coming back?????
Britney is reduced to the status of a child and will she will never ever be fully ok again.
Her mental illness cannot be cured.

2090 days ago


Tom and Katie, what a beautiful family you are. Your little Suri is just precious. Thanks for sharing her with photos.

2090 days ago


they probably just got baptized

2090 days ago


I like what Letterman said last night about Valkerie, " Cruise's character 'tries to kill Hitler because he is making Nazis look like bad people." HA, HA, HA !!!!!! Earth to Tom Cruise-the film STINKS !!! Do we really want to watch the story of some Nazis who fail to kill Hitler, it's a tragedy ! And, by the way Katie must feel like a real sucker, by now ! Whose kid is that...I mean really ? WE ARE NOT STUPID AND NAIVE, MR. TOM UFO CRUISE !

2090 days ago


Hey Ravolta-maybe he got reprogrammed by the "Back to Broads" program (You can go from Gay to Straight in 10 easy lessons, and $ 25,000.00 at the Scientology Cultural Centre in Hollywood. Elton John tried it, but could not get his money back.

2090 days ago


its become the "in" thing to ridicule tom cruise and family. all the jokes are becoming old and corny.

also, i dont think tom changed katie at all. when have you ever known her to have an outgoing and bubbly personality?

2090 days ago


number 48 u are right but at least Britt is out there trying her hardest and she recognizes her disease . she doesn't have a mug shot like a lot of the stars do. i actually think shes doing to much right now . she needs to takes some steps back and relax or she will have another breakdown .
she has come a long way and I'm very proud of her !!

2090 days ago


Actually, Paris Hilton has had a very good year with her successful MTV shows and a new cologne that had sales topping over 90 million dollars Before the Christmas season even started.

2090 days ago


Joshua Jackson IS the biological father.

Suri was born December 2005 in New York City

Tom thought Suri was his. Katie convinced Tom that Suri was 4 months premature.

Katie stalked Tom Cruise,

2090 days ago


If Tom wants to be BI, let him be. Who is he hurting.
Same goes for Travolta.

Katie's parents warned her didn't they? And her father is a lawyer. She married Tom anyway, her decision.

2090 days ago


Katie Homely always looks nasty. Does she bathe? She's got herpes sores on her lips and sores on her feet.

Her clothes are always covered in stains too. Tom should dump her. Most everybody can't stand her. Stupid golddigger. The only person she fooled was Tom Cruise.

Dump the nasty ho, Tom! Bet you'll get your career back if you do!!!

2090 days ago


i agree about Britney. And I wish her the best.

2090 days ago


LMAO!! how old is Paris?? shes almost 30 and shes looking for a new best friend LOL i really feel sorry for Paris because she has a mind of a 16 yr old. shes almost 30 and in Hollywood that is old. shes going no where in life. yes she has money and a new best friend lol but whats next for her??? Playboy?? i don't think so because we all seen the girl naked. i can say I'm jealous of all the money she has and she can do whatever she wants but in reality the girl is just a face that doesn't matter anymore. wheres the place she was gonna build for inmates ?? when they come out of jail she said she wanted to help them by building a place so they can go there if they have no where to go. Paris is a liar. I'm sorry if your a fan and I'm putting her down but I'm just speaking the truth.
there's nothing wrong with going out and having fun but i think her time is over. wheres that bible she was carrying around before she went to jail???

2090 days ago


How could it possibly be a virgin birth ?
Katie Holmes had other boyfriends before Tom came along.
It's no ones business of course except Katies.

2090 days ago
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