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Sarah Palin Wears Granny Panties...

12/29/2008 9:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... because she's officially a grandmother now!

Sarah's unwed teenage daughter Bristol finally gave birth yesterday to a baby boy named -- wait for it -- Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston!

Congrats Levi...


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Oh great, let's congratulate another teen mom on yet another birth before marriage. Whatever happened to morals? They left when God left the school system. It's sickening how many kids are giving birth to babies. They need to straighten up their act.

2122 days ago


Wait! I guess 'Tripp' is homage to Levi's mother.

2122 days ago


I pray my child never is put into such a hard postion at such a young age. Go to school, get a job and experience all facets of life before that kind of responsibility. Best of luck to her, she's going to need it.

2122 days ago


This is my first time on TMZ when reading comments I was immediately taken aback by the grammar.
#16 "trerrible"
#29 "palin"
#55 "Michelle Obama was graduated"
Then I kept reading and read
#40 Who paid hospital bills (Medicaid)
#47 "busy hiring nannies for her special needs child she chose to have at 40"

and finally #87 "and who really cares about this tramp".

I couldn't bring myself to read each and everyone. But the first three are self explanatory

#40 I'm sure the child has insurance under her parent's plan. Which most people would understand if they had children NOT on Medicaid.
#47 Giving birth is a choice and life is a wonderful choice.
#87 apparently you do or you wouldn't be reading and responding.
Seriously do all these people commenting come from non dysfunctional families. All individuals and families have times when they do not make the right decision. The daughter didn't fall in love or infatuation with this young man based on his mother's use/abuse or addiction to drugs. No one commenting has ever fallen in love with the wrong person? Let it rest. Find something constructive to put your energy into!

2122 days ago


But Pam, the difference is that those people have MONEY which cushions them considerably. And a big difference it is.

You may not like it but having money does matter. You can't live life the way you would like it to be, you have to deal with reality.
A rich kid named Apple or Orange or Muffy is unique, a poor kid with such a name gets made fun of.

2122 days ago


You mean Sarah Palin is a grandmother AGAIN. TRIG is also these kids' baby. She didn't learen the first time. And her hubby to be is well known as a DRUG DEALER in their town, as is his mother, just recently arrested. Drugs are probably what made their first baby a water head. I wonder if this one is also "special". It's "SPECIAL" when children do drugs, drink, and have unprotected sex resulting in disabled nonfunctional humans.

The Palins are snowbilly trash.

2122 days ago


Posted at 10:17PM on Dec 29th 2008 by Hawkeye

I read it, and got it the first time..

2122 days ago

Britney loves paparazzi    

You people who say Trig is really Bristols baby are kidding right?? Its not possible. Do the math idiots. If your pea brains can handle it.

2122 days ago


Posted at 11:00PM on Dec 29th 2008 by anon

Who said the Palins were poor? As millionaires, I am sure they fully intend to help their daughter out..kind of like Obama's grandparents had to do when his mother was collecting welfare...

2122 days ago


Wht must you refer to her as an "unwed mother". Must I post a list of unwed celebrity mothers? Saint Angelina should be at the top of the list. She's not married to the father of any of her six of her kids! What about Halle Berry, Nicole Richie and the list goes on and on!

2122 days ago


GENIUSES - The POINT is the HYPOCRISY with the Palins...

Sarah DISCOURAGES sex education in schools, so her daughter never learns to use birth control...

They are so anti-drug, but her daughter gets knocked up by a family of known drug dealers...

They preach CONSERVATIVISM... Yet Sarah has affairs with her husband's best friend and the whole family, just outright TRASH.

It's the HYPOCRISY!!! Like Limbaugh saying drug addicts should be put away...when it's revealed he is a DRUG ADDICT!


2122 days ago


The comments on here, dripping with hatred, are truly sad. Bristol is not a public figure. Even your savior Obama acknowledges that she is not fair game.

2122 days ago


CLAIRE: You mean YOUR PRESIDENT, Barack Obama.

Show some respect. Don't be un-American!

2122 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Hey Pam - I love it that you had to comment on poster's grammar, then you screw up a few times yourself. Comma after seriously, dash between non-dysfunctional, and your last sentence ended in a preposition(a no-no). Correct yourself before you correct others please!! And the sentence should read, Seriously, do all OF these people commenting come from non-dysfunctional families? You forgot the question mark. You are not as fluent in the English language as you may think. Who does that remind me of...oh, that would be Sarah Palin! Them thar hillbillies and their kinfolk shur do stick together!!

2122 days ago


he's sooo gonna get teased in school....

2122 days ago
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