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Macho Camacho: Nacho Dinero

12/30/2008 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former boxing Champ Hector "Macho" Camacho Sr. claims his ex-GF raided his bank account and now wants Wachovia Securities to foot the bill.

According to a federal lawsuit filed in Mississippi, Bonita Money (Bonita translates in English to "pretty") convinced Wachovia to transfer $125,000 from Hector's account to Bonita's B of A account, and Wachovia happily obliged.

The suit claims Hector never authorized the transfer and that Wachovia is responsible for the alleged fraud.

Hector wants a heck of a lot more than the 125 -- he's suing for a cool $1 mil.

By the way Nice Money is doing hard time for burglary and kidnapping her estranged hubby.

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Bonita Money is "Bo Money. She slapped Shannon Daughtery at the Roxbury, was friends with Heidi Fleiss, scammed aspiring actors out of money when she owned Focus Management in the Pacific Bank building on Hollywood Blvd. Her son Milan was adopted by his deceased father's grandparents in Washington state while Money was in L.A. County jail for several months, causing her to lose her social security survivor benefits because she no longer had custody of her son.

Money moved from Los Angeles to Henderson, Nevada and bought a home before she was jailed in Los Angeles. She was in a cell next to convicted murdered Sante Kimes and attempted to gain the book a movie rights to Kimes' life story. Before she could sell the idea, Mary Tyler Moore was cast as Kimes in a television movie.

Money's step father is the former chief of police in Monterrey, California.

2040 days ago

Bronx Chic    

"Bonita" translates to English as pretty* not as "nice"!! Losers!

2122 days ago


Bonita means pretty.

2122 days ago


bonita means "beautiful" or "pretty" in english.

2122 days ago


Let me be the FOURTH person to point out that "bonita" translates to
pretty. Come on TMZ, it only takes a few seconds to use the online
translator / english-spanish dictionary!!! lol

2122 days ago


Take your tired self and tired act back to your home country of Mexico----you aint a tough guy anymore, just a dumb one. Step into the ring again and you'll be heading for the Old Folks Home, you probably already have dementia for getting involved with this dingbat in the first place. Fool. Suing a bank these days aint real kosher---they dont have any money for your dumb self----you'll be in court until you die, they'll wear you down and bonita will be out of jail by the time your case even gets heard and she's doing 30 years.

2122 days ago


Bagwhand from Lebanon

Maybe you should take your tired self and tired act back to geography class....LOSER. Macho is from Puerto Rico NOT Mexico...Fool...Haha....Mas thonthoe.

2122 days ago

Real People vs Hollywood wannabes    

Isn't it funny how every Hispanic person must be from Mexico? THAT always cracks me up.

2122 days ago


I want to be his boy friend...whats his routing number???

2122 days ago


Yes, Bonita mean pretty! For attorneys and fact checkers in the tabloid business of half truths you really blew this one. The hispanic population is on the way to taking over the countries entire population in the next 20 years. So, not only should be be better versed in Latin culture and Spanish, your xenophobic non-ethnic population not only should get used to it, but also understand that the majority rules in the wonderful U.S.A, which is obviously full of bigots and racists. Oh ya, by the way we have a black President so suck it up hillbillies and rednecks. Looks like your culture of passive discrimination is over and we are certainly coming to impregnate your blonde blue eyed daughters too!

2122 days ago


Wow #10. You sound just as ignorant as a white skinhead. Cheers.

2122 days ago


Bearner ur a bad person. Ur r so lame come on now I think ur the bigot. My parents r from Puerto Rico so I am Puerto Rican but that comment was uncalled for. Be proud of who u r without hurting others be humble my friend it goes futher than tryin to tear people down. Bonita does mean pretty this lady painted a pretty picture of herself huh??

2121 days ago


Let me be the ..... whatever # person to point out the bonita translation. Seriously.. two seconds to translate a word on Google Translate. And come on people... if you're going to give your two cents about a person's background, make sure you know what it is. Camacho's puerto rican. You just end up looking as stupid as TMZ did with it's "bonita" translation... I hope you guys at TMZ have a day job.

2121 days ago


LOL @ (Bonita translates in English to "Nice")

LOL @ (Bonita translates in English to "Nice")

LOL @ (Bonita translates in English to "Nice")

LOL @ (Bonita translates in English to "Nice")

2121 days ago

Carrys F.    

I love it when people think they have the right to more than they deserve.

2121 days ago
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