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Palin -- Not In School Doesn't Mean Dropout

1/1/2009 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You know the difference between an unwed teen baby daddy who left high school to become an electrician and a HS dropout? Nothing, according to Sarah Palin.

She corrected several publications and their reports Levi Johnston, her daughter Bristol Palin's fiancé, dropped out of high school. He's doing it online, apparently, and Bristol is getting "her last credit" to graduate while taking care of her new baby Tripp. (Track, Trig ... Tripp. No, we don't get it either.)

The Governatrix also said she is "over the moon" about the new child, even though, she admits, the news of Bristol's pregnancy was "shocking."


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If someone is enrolled in a distance learning program they are, by definition, in school. The title of this piece is intentionally misleading.

2123 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Jake #1 - Any PROOF of what you're saying? Not that I don't believe you. It's just that I know people will say amazing BS about people they don't even know. It happened to me in high school too. And I was a virgin until I was 17! But not to hear them tell it.

2123 days ago


JoAnn - Sarah Palin's life a tragic example of what not to do if you want to raise healthy minded children who will thrive in life. Sarah made choices that created the sad scenarios that currently exist within her family. I don't see how you can enter Michelle Obama into this discussion. It is not relevant. I agree with William, Palin needs to keep talking. Every time she speaks she further embarrasses herself and proves how pathetic she is. If Palin was smart she would shut up and stop embarrassing her children who are the true victims of her selfish choices.

2123 days ago


JoAnn you are horse faced don't hate on Michelle because she is wayyyy smarter than you and Palin's whole family. I want to hear some negative stuff about your family, oh wait, they are not important!

2123 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

P.S. Maybe "Trig" is short for "trigonometry". The Palins are really brilliant mathematicians! LOL

2123 days ago

darling nikki    

I bet the news was shocking to her. I bet she was wondering how someone who just gave birth could be pregnant again. But, I've seen stranger things happen.

And of course Palin can't throw stones on someone's education. Afterall, it took her 5 schools and 6 years to obtain one measly bachelor's degree!

2123 days ago


YA THINK - Thank you for correcting me, I do appreciate it, I hate to sound ignorant, especially with the TMZ crowd. However, I think when you go to defend someone, perhaps you don't use the right terminology all the time, case in point - me. In college you get a degree, high school, a diploma. I will never make that mistake again. And yes, being a fan of Sarah Palin's, I was defending her and didn't realize my awful mistake. But I will still maintain the only thing she did to offend people (Liberals and Democrats) was run against their candidate. If you didn't like her, you didn't vote for her, simple. No need to cast aspersions against her and her family. Again, she was ELECTED to office and whatever you need to do to protect your it. Sometimes the right words don't flow correctly. As you can tell, I'm a Republican who did vote for McCain/Palin, they didn't win, but I will not degrade Obama because he did. He won, fairly, he was ELECTED, now lets move on. Again, YA THINK- Thank you and all the best.

2123 days ago

darling nikki    

You can go to high school online nowadays? Interesting......

2123 days ago

Ya Think    

Yes, Donna-Marie -- Sarah Palin goes to extraordinary lengths to protect her family. Remember when she pretended that she was pregnant to cover up for the fact that Bristol had given birth to Trig in late February?

2123 days ago


I'm neighbors with someone from Alaska and she said all the names for the Palin kids refence where they were conceived...Bristol after Bristol Bay...Track references something to do with a ski slope...Willow after willow creek and so and so forth

2123 days ago

Aunt Esther    

What's your point? That it's not only okay but celebrated when celebrities have children out of wedlock - from Halle Berry to Minnie Driver, Glenn Close to Nicole Richie - but oh, the horror if one average small town girl in Alaska dares get pregnant?
Palin Derangement Syndrome is lasting long after the election of 2008, it seems, especially among the hypocritical.

2123 days ago


Donna Marie - It's a high school DIPLOMA and a college DEGREE. Idiot.

2123 days ago


Sarah Palin is hiding her white trash life behind a fancy wardrobe (at the taxpayers expense) and expensive glasses which don't make her smart - you can still see her face. What alot of people don't know is that "Trig" is NOT her child, it is Bristol's. On the day that this poor child was born, Sarah was at a meeting on the other side of the state and was VERY obviously NOT pregnant. On the other hand, it is no wonder that she is covering this up and making Trig look like he is her biological child. Sarah Palin is desperate to hide the fact that Bristol has screwed half the male population of her high school. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance. Also, please note that whenever Sarah is holding Trig, she is doing it in a very "non-personal" unmotherly-like fashion. ANYONE can see that he is NOT her son. I've seen more emotion from someone holding a puppy.

2123 days ago


I agree with JoAnn......all you people think that because this girl has 2 kids out of wedlock, that she is purely white trash?? Excuse me? I'm sure the Obama family has far more ghastly skeletons in their closets, but of course they have to try their hardest to keep them "hidden." At least Sarah Palin is forthcoming about her family and their other normal American families! There is no confirmation that Bristol having one or two children is going to ruin her life...she is 18 years old! She has all the resources in the world to get her education and become president herself!!! hahaha

2123 days ago


As I recall, I thought the Baby Daddy Levi Johnston was supposed to be enlisting in the military and the two were getting married? WTF?

2123 days ago
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