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Coulter Calls Michelle O Jackie O Wannabe

1/3/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Coulter and Michelle ObamaLooks like the GOP's head cougar has gone from political attack dog to snotty celeb fashion critic.

In her new book, "Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America" Ann Coulter slams Michelle Obama for her hairstyle and clothes. Coulter calls Michelle an obvious Jackie Kennedy wannabe with her "flipped-under hair, the sleeveless A-line dresses" and "the short strands of fake pearls."

Good news: Coulter reportedly had to have her jaw wired shut. Bad news: She can still type.


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With due respect to the dead, Jackie O wasn't all that. She was hot to be sure but Michelle Obama had way more education and is just as classy as Jackie O was. Heck, even Hillary Clinton is more educated than Jackie O was.

Both women were/are beautiful. To be blunt, they are the only two First Ladies in history I would ever bone! Be honest, most of you on here would've screw both of them in a minute. I love my sistas but I'll admit Jackie O would've got my business back then and so could Michelle today. Unlike most women though, I'd actually would have breakfast with her and engaged in an intelligent conversation when the freakin' was done! LOL!

On Ms. Coulter, while she has a right to her opinion, she better be ready for the backlash!

2085 days ago


JAckie O is No Michelle Obama, com[pare list of acomplishments between woman to woman and leave Barack out of it..see what you find.. The woman is a lawyer, a law school professor, she ran the Board of chicago Hospitals..What did Jack o do? Ann coulter needs to shut her nazi, anti black, antisemetic, anti hispanic, anti human being except white men and women ass up!

2085 days ago


hahahah...Mann C*ntwhore said that? LMAO...oh the irony of this skank with an adam's apple talking about ANYONE'S looks. bitter h0, lol...too bad she'll never be FIRST LADY...heck I don't even think she can find a DOG that will lay with her let alone a PRESIDENTIAL HUSBAND :-) I love this moron's makes me happy to hear it.

2085 days ago

Larry Linn    

So Miss Culture has problems with First Lady Michelle Obama for her sense of style? When I first saw Ann on television, I thought that it was a sequel to Absolutely Fabulous. However, I turned up the volume and realized that she was not as intelligent or as informed as those characters. Is there a Christian charity that I can make a contribution to. I think than Ms. Staken Coulter needs to go to the Betty Ford Center for diet pill treatment.

2084 days ago


Saw Ann Coulter on Hannity and Colmes last nite (I know libs will go crazy at that) and she looked great. She was in jeans and a navy sweater instead of a dumb black dress. I think as she ages she has begun to cake on the makeup (esp. the eyeliner) to cover for it. If she laid off that she would look better. I saw no Adam's apple, though. She's so thin, though, that you can practically see her trachea through her skin. Is that what people mean? Oh, and "trim" about a foot of that hair off. Locks of Love is calling...

2084 days ago


I might also add that either First Lady was/is more classy than Ann Coulter could ever be (not to mention hot). I do take issue with the claims about Michelle being racist. If that were so, then why would she marry a man who is only HALF-BLACK and was raised by WHITE grandparents?! Plus, this was back in college! Her views may have been totally different back then than now.

Back to Coulter, I can't give her any credibility. Last I checked, I don't recall Mrs. Obama putting down the widows of 9/11! I am black but I would've been happy to wake up with the late Jackie O in her day or with Michelle Obama. Waking up with Ann Coulter would envoke two responses.....murder or suicide!

2084 days ago


This morning on the TODAY show only confirms what I think of Ann Coulter! This woman actually makes Bill O'Reilly look good!

2084 days ago


C'mon people. There is absolutely nothing physically attractive about MO. Perhaps she has a magnetic personality - hmm, maybe not. Who gives a crap. We are stuck with what we got for at least 4 years. I don't give a rats ass about her. As far as Jackie O - just another First Lady who made more headlines as an Onassis than a Kennedy. That whole family is whack. Ann Coulter speaks her mind - in an intelligent manner. You morons sound like you come from a trailer park. I bet half of you have appeared on Jerry Springer. LOSERS! Please note, the Republicans will RISE again.

2082 days ago


What is the problem with this Coulter woman? She is always placing her big foot in her mouth. Michelle Obama is definitely not a Jackie Kennedy wannabe. Those two women are polar opposites in every way conveivable. Is it possible that Ann Coulter is a Michelle wannabe?

2075 days ago


For #16 and Others Focused on the First Lady's Looks

Why is it that there are some individuals within this society consistently content with spreading racist garbage to the other collective trying to leave behind the ignorance of hatred based solely on ethnic differences? Is this country not already facing issues that are significantly more relevant? Michelle Obama may not be beautiful in every single citizen's eyes but in the grander picture, that simply does not matter in the least after all, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Like many things in life, beauty is relative and choosing Coulter's comments about Michelle O's comparisons to the stylish Jackie O, is certainly not fair. Let us just call a duck a duck, when it quacks like one after all, the fact is apparently blatant here; far too many Americans are not proud to see the first individual of biracial descent as the POTUS and that clearly is a lot more telling and important than Michelle being equated with Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. The fact that the new First Lady has a rounder rump than many and Black women would be included in that as well, since so many are of mixed race heritage and actually have "flat rears" as so many mistakenly think Caucasian women possess, when the truth is quite the opposite. I would have truly thought that America was past the comparison thing particularly when one of the latest things in Hollywood plastic surgery clinics, is an interest in buttock implants. I think that is fine but attacking any individual based solely upon his or her body parts or lack of "beauty" is lower than low and it is sickening to think that there are individuals content on harboring such hatred in their hearts for another human being. We have an economic crisis on our hands and if Obama is not the man along with his collective team of "talent" is incapable of helping America to rebound, then the majority of the populace are going to be worried about a lot more than the shape of the First Lady's bum. My God, can some of us focus on what really matters and stop becoming so completely caught up in the mindless rhetoric of Coulter, who is merely espousing the words of the liberal media? Frankly, both Coulter and the First Lady are both intelligent human beings with the right to express their opinions about whatever topics they choose. It is more than a little clear that is the case and this and other web sites in cyber space, so why not say nothing at all about either party after all, each of these women have been highly successful in their chosen fields. It would be nice to think that if it could happen for either one of them, it could happen for anyone with the same amount of talent and ambition. May God Bless us All, for in the end, He is the one who governs us all.

Love One Another, before it is Too Late,


2065 days ago

Not buying the B.S.    

Thank God someone who is willing the tell the brain-washed people who voted for the Messiah that he and his vicious wife are NOT the saints they thought they were! I hope fat Oprah is happy with her bought and paid for President! Ann Coulter may be a Bit--, but at least she says what she feels. Unlike that pretentious Michelle Obama! Those crazy assed people who voted this pair in are now seeing they stepped in doo-doo LMFAO

2057 days ago

Love Those Teenage Girls    

Neither woman is attractive. Certainly Michelle has tried to soften her ugly, militant appearance by dressing like a white woman. You'll never see black women dress like this. Most of them are morbidly obese, and care very little about their appearance.

2056 days ago


That was rude of her to say that. All she wants is to get attention and to impress her GOP pimps. Greta van Whatever-her-last-name-is looks better than her.

Just because her hairstyle resemble's Jackie O's does NOT mean she is a wannabe. Hello, ever heard of the word INSPIRATION??

2056 days ago


Since that old Hotel Broad Helmsley croaked, this chick is da New QUEEN OF MEAN. Is she addicted to hurting people, I mean, does it make her feel Orgasmic, to say Mean things about everyone ? Looks like she can't afford to even EAT ! Cruella Deville, New York Style ! Sayonara Shiksa !

2055 days ago
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