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Michelle Obama Doesn't Like Wang's Taste

1/7/2009 4:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... Vera Wang -- the designer ... you perverts.

Vera Wang: Click to watch


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colbys woman    

michelle obama is a racist hatefilled woman. what a poor first lady we have in her! her taste is all in her mouth, as is evidenced by her pick of Dumbo Ears for a husband.

2082 days ago


There are more blacks per capita on welfare. More blacks per capita in prison. WriteRight, you should get your facts straight before you post here and look foolish.

The hateful remark about Barbara bush places you in the same catagory as the folks who are posting truths about M.

2082 days ago


Okay, so I'm a big....bigger than of Obama and his presidency. I think it's about time we have a man like him in the White House. It's gonna be SA-WEET. Each morning I'm going to get TXTs and be among the first to know what's happenin'. NICE! I've already bought like 30 shirts, a couple of hats, some of them gold coins, a bobble head and a bunch of other Obama stuff. First one on my block to own the bobble head, I might add. I cannot wait until Jan. 21. That's the day things really change in this country. I won't have to make my rent payment, can blow off the car paymente and heck, I think he's even going to take care of my cell phone bill. The coolest thing yet is that I'm going to get one of those new jobs he's creating. And I was promised it can be buildilng a road that's close to my house. Now how cool is all this? Oh and about Michelle's fashion? Makes no difference to me what she wears. She's tops in my address book no matter what.

2082 days ago


Someone please explain to me why a person is called a racist if a negative remark is made about either Barrack or Michelle Obama? Barrack and Michelle will be living in the white house for the next four years, and they and their supporters may as well get used to the fact that bad things are going to be said about them. (just ask President Bush!!) 48% of the country didn't vote for him. I'm betting the majority of those probably didn't vote for him because of his politics, NOT his skin color. Stop using the race's really getting old and he hasn't even been sworn in yet!

2082 days ago


#20 - Alice, THANK YOU! Couldn't have said it better myself! Therefore I won't say anything more!

2082 days ago

Triple Play    

Thank you Alice # 20 for being the voice of reason and # 15White Right youare an ass. Stop being the Michelle Obama apologist, she hates White America and doesn't try to hide it. If you think that a black president is going to change the world in 4 years you are insane. I pray for his success and health he is a good man with a huge task before him. As far as Michelle she is a hater and in the end will get what she deserves.
P.S. She does not have any taste and only smiles on cue.
God Bless all Americans even Michelle even though in hefr heart she hates us

2082 days ago



Since you've already proven yourself to be the poster girl for stupid racists, I shouldn't even bother responding, but I'm doing so because some poor misguided soul might mistake your unbelievably shallow spouting off as fact and that would be the gravest mistake.

I know it's hard seeing as how you were most likely in the slow class, but try and pay attention.

More WHITES are on public assistance than Blacks...that is a FACT!
Despite prevailing stereotype, Whites, not Blacks, collect the greatest share of public aid dollars
Say the word "welfare" and immediately the image of the lazy Black welfare queen who breeds for profit surfaces in the minds of those who have come to believe the hideous stereotype. It is a myth that persists despite government figures and authoritative studies showing that Whites overwhelmingly reap the lion's share of the dole.
There are 14 million welfare recipients in America. And despite what most people think, the majority are not Black.
The truth is, about 39 percent of parents on welfare are White, 37 percent Black, 18 percent Hispanic and 6 percent Asian, Native American or another race.


Here's another link to an article by Time Magazine entitled: Welfare: A White Secret,9171,974473,00.html

Here's a clipping from an article from The Washington Post:

"Average welfare child is white, has one sibling and unmarried mother, gov't statistics show
Contrary to popular belief, there are more White children on welfare than Black children, according to statistics from the Census Bureau and Department of Health and Human Services.
Nearly 9 million children on welfare in 2007 were White, the statistics show, compared to 4.8 million Black children.
The typical child on Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) is White and lives in the rural South, Appalachia or the downtrodden areas of major cities.
The statistics also show that the average child on welfare is 7 years old, his mother is 29 and single, and the child has one brother or sister. Their welfare parent qualifies for only the lowest-paying jobs in the workforce.
Despite prevailing stereotype, Whites, not Blacks, collect greatest share of public aid dollars."


Of course, I know you're not going to read any of those articles Ginger.
For all intents and purposes I should be the one complaining and pitching a fit about how those damn Whites are the ones on welfare! The facts actually support my position and not yours. LOL

Sadly, you probably got your information while sittign on the knee of someone just as ignorant and misinformed as you are. Hate is most commonly passed down from parent to child.I actually pity you for not being able to see the truth of the matter.

Either way it's not really about the facts with you though is it?

All you see is a Black person in a position you don't ever believe yourself capable of achieving.
All you see is a Black person who makes more money than you belive yourself capable of earning.
All you see is a Black person doing everything you wish you could do, but don't believe yourself capable of doing.

So, essentially all that hate and misinformation is really just how you feel about your sad and pitiful life.

That has to be it because I can't even begin to imagine someone who is happy successful and well adjusted possessing as much hate, ignorance and contempt as you have, and for someone you don't even know to boot!

The worst part about it is you don't even know there's anything wrong with you. You actually believe you're the one that's OK!

Shocking and utterly shameful at the same time.

I'll pray for you.

2082 days ago


When you make an ignorant, half assed assumption that Michelle Obama only graduated law school because she was able to pilfer the money from the American people based her being a Black woman, that IS racist, no two ways about it.

George Bush didn't have negative things being said about him because he was White, but because he was stupid!

There is a huge difference!

I'm so tired of Whites just immediately assuming that if something racist occurs, it's Blacks playing the 'race' card.

How about it just being an issue of actual racism?

Contrary to what you might like people to think, both racism and discrimination still exist!

It didn't all magically float away because Obama became president!

The saddest part about this is that I actually have to explain that to you.

2082 days ago


Yeah JJJ,

America sure has a history of being so nice and wonderful to Blacks, right?

Give me a break!

Michelle Obama's sentiments are not at all out of place, nor should they be!

She is part of a group of people who have been maligned and subjugated from America's inception, yet she's supposed to just sweep how her grandparents, their forefathers and their forefathers were treated for YEARS in this country for no other reason than skin color?

I'll bet you take offense at being sleighted for less on the way in to work on a Monday morning!

Yet, Michelle can't be entitled to feeling less than proud of this country before Barack's ascendency?

You've got a lot to learn about life!

Of course, you don't care to learn anything more than you think you already know though.

That's the worst part about it.

All you want to know about America is the White part and you cannot fully know and appreciate American history without appreciating the contributions and positions of Black people in this country.

You simply want Michelle and the rest of the Black Americans to get OVER it, but what you should be doing is getting ALONGSIDE it.

The TRUTH that is!

The world is so much bigger than how you are treated as a White man and every teacher of truth doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Like I said, you've got some growing up to do.

2082 days ago


WOW!! 23, 24, 25...I see anger management classes in your futures!!!

2082 days ago


I LOVE Michelle, I LOVE her fashion sense, and i, too, am NOT a fan of Vera Wang.

2082 days ago


WOW, why all the hateful remarks about Michelle Obama? Michelle is her own woman, why would she follow in the footsteps of any or all the other "white" first lady's or anyone else for that matter? I know for a fact, she will be fabulous on inauguration nite, & you folks still won't be satisfied! But guess what, your opinion doesn't matter, never did! She's not a sheeple like some of the idiots on this site. Personally, I thought they all dressed like old women. Michelle is a black woman and her own person. Unfortunately, the ugly racist hillbilly's in this country, whose relatives VOTED for BARACK OBAMA, still can't accept people of any color other than white. What a shame, considering that the white race is clearly on it's way to becoming the minority!! The White House is getting a complete make-over and kudo's to Obama for getting the "good ole boys" and their backwoods overpaid asses out of there!!

2082 days ago

Allred Tree    

Michele Obama is a sleazy, slimey loathsome creature as are those dreadful daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama. They look like mean little gangbangers and they should be checked for weapons before being allowed to enter the grounds of Sidwell Friends. We need to fear for the other students. These kids get into their mother's bed to cuddle and talk in the a.m. at their ages! OMG how weird and PERVERTED is that? Michelle Obama blabbed this disgusting fact to a reporter and you can google it and read for yourselves if you don't believe me.

2082 days ago


I wonder how long it will take,for the front door of the white house be painted purple,and have bars put on the windows.

2082 days ago


I thought you had to be born in the U.S. to be president............

2082 days ago
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