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Palin's Son-In-Law-to-Be Bums Out

1/7/2009 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's not going to high school. Also, he's not going to electrician school. And now, he's quitting his job. Levi Johnston, meet the TV tray and soiled diapers.

The baby daddy of Sarah Palin's kid has decided to quit his job in the oil fields of Alaska, says the Anchorage Daily News, after they questioned how he got the job in the first place. And he's also decided to ditch his electrical apprenticeship after someone pointed out he needs a HS diploma to do that, which he doesn't have.

So what's left? Well, they did just have the baby.


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hey razorback... how can you talk badly about someone for not finishing high school when your post clearly suggests there's no way in hell you passed the 7th grade! illiterate people make me crazy!

2116 days ago


That should read "without the diploma" - sorry, my bad.

2116 days ago


"there is an entire spectrum on BOTH sides of the dence," NOW THAT'S A FREUDIAN SLIP IF EVER I SAW ONE!

"popped out kids to collect SSI for "ADHD" and :"ODD"" ODD??? THAT'S A NEW ONE! LET ME GUESS. OBESITY DEFICIT DISORDER?


2116 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Yee Hawwwwwwwwwwwww!!
Vittles and video games in the trailer all day long!!

2116 days ago


Hey Dan, you idiot, ODD is Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Probably what you have.

Though I admit to typos in my post because I am typing on a laptop, and quite frankly I'm tired from WORKING to go back and edit for the likes of yourself. Please, PLEASE tell me you DO work and don't collect government benefits, cause if I am subsidizing your stupidity, this will add to my chargrin.

2116 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Sorry Dan, ODD does exist, it's called "Oppositional Defiance Disorder."

2116 days ago

Mark Stracka    

NIce, compassionate comment CAMPY! It's okay for our next president to have a brother living in a hut on 12 bucks a year with NO HELP FROM HIS BROTHER PRESIDENT and it's equally okay for the Bamster to have an aunt in a slum in Boston with no help from her nephew BUT it is not at all okay for a potential VP to have a daughter give birth to a child out of wedlock. I guess your attitude falls in line nicely with Obama's comment not so long ago that he would not want his daughter to be PUNISHED WITH A BABY if she "made a mistake". So typically liberal! So typically anti-life! So typically DEMOCRAT!

2116 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Yes, Danielle, the couple did NOT ask to be in the spotlight. However, Bristol's mother chose to SHOVE them into it, knowing FULL WELL that her daughter was pregnant and she would have a very harsh spotlight shown on her. To me, it shows that Sarah Palin is more concerned with her political career than her family.

2116 days ago

Mark Stracka    

Right, Jill! And if she kept her daughter out of the spotlight, then you'd be quick to criticize her for an attempted "cover up!"

2116 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Danielle - for someone who had a mother and grandmother pregnant before marriage and apparently living in poverty, you sure seem to have the hate on for poor and disadvantaged people.

2116 days ago


You people at TMZ are such misinformed, ignorant nimorods.
Levi is attending correspondence school. Don't try to do your homework whatever you do???????
He can't help it if every move he makes is scruitinzed by the world.
Give him a freaking break.

2116 days ago


To Danielle: First of all I almost went into a coma while reading your rambling. For a person working on her PHD, you have problems with making comparisions. Obama's mother had finished school and was in college when she became pregnant. She did not "dumped" her son after his birth. He lived with her until his 11th birthday, when he asked to return to the states. I totally disagree that you are/were not patting yourself on the back. I would guess that you have cause several damage to the lumbar area.

2116 days ago


The Anchorage Daily News questioning how he got the oil field job in the first place?? PLEASE. LEAVE HIM ALONE. Maybe the media should have raised more questions about our current president-elect during the election. But NO. Have to go after an innocent teen, who is as normal as any other teen in our country, when everything about our president-elect was dangling in front of the msm's faces.

2116 days ago


Danielle, there are many MH professionals on this site. Obviously, you are not a PHD candidate. The discrepancy was caught in the ADHD, ODD, or I could have claimed some MH disorder. If you are a true MH professional, you know what I mean. FRAUD.

2116 days ago


hahahah SHOCKING! LOL...maybe he can do momma proud and take over the family drug business :-)

2116 days ago
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