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Tom on Jett's Death -- "Horrific"

1/8/2009 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A visibly shaken Tom Cruise finally opened up about the death of his good friend's son -- describing Jett Travolta's death as "horrific" and addressing Scientology's role in the tragedy.

Tom Cruise: Click to watch
Struggling to find the right words, Cruise addressed the emotional topic during a taping for tomorrow's episode of "The View," where he claimed his religion does not prohibit people from seeing a doctor and getting proper medication.


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Susie Q    

He's so GLIB.

2078 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I agree that both the Travolta's and the Cruises' are a bit strange with the whole Scientology thing, but I have heard that they are NOT friends. The Travolta's were not invited to the TomKat wedding, and they have rarely been seen together. Maybe they are competing to see who can reach the alien planet first :)

2078 days ago


Barbara Walters will still be asking the question she thinks will give her show high ratings regardless of how cruel the queston is is when they are trying to close the witch's casket for the last time. Her tombstone should read. "I love ratings more than God, family, or truth.."

2078 days ago


Hope, you speak as though you know all there is to this religion. I personally do not believe in this philosophy but you are a horrible person so say that Jett was better off dying. I am sure whatever religion you believe in would strike you down for your comments, you horrible horrible person. By the way get yourself an education and learn how to spell. By the way, may god strike you downfor your comments.

2078 days ago


Come on people can't you see that old Babwa, in an effort to get ratings blind sided Tom with the damn questions. You can see Whoopi was not on board with any questions reguarding this topic yet Babs just HAD to get it in get ratings.

I had the honor of meeting the Travolta's and their children and can say they are doting parents and so is Tom. They do not choose religon over thier children and I have investigated/written about Scientology on several occasions and have always been welcomed with open arms, invited to partake of events and never told I couldn't talk or ask about anything.

People believe in the bible is that bad?
People believe in the koran, is that bad?
People believe in all sorts of things, just because you are too pig headed to go ask or investigate someting don't name call and talk crap about others until you choose to understand something rather than just be lemmings and follow in the tearing down of anything others believe in. In the United States we have a freedom of religion, Scientology is a religon some people believe so be it, they aren't tearing you down for believing in the bible, but until you undestand it fully don't call it a cult. And no I am not a Scientologist, but I do have a degree in psychology and would have to agree with the churches stance on modern psychology so me apart I really don't care since you don't know me either LOL

2078 days ago


blender at 4:52PM on Jan 8th 2009
Her name was Lisa McPherson, google her for more about that horrific story. And while you're at it, google Jeremy Perkins and Lisa Waliki

2078 days ago


Instead of ridiculing her, he could of shown the same compassion for Brooke Shields when she received the treatment for Post Partum Depression. Neurology is OK, but not psychiatry? These two specialties happen to be certified by the same medical board. They are one and the same,with a different sub-specialty.

2078 days ago


The only website that has the cajones to tell the truth about this tragic situation is Travolta's longtime "close friend," was his child's "nanny," and had absolutely no training in child care, treatment of autism, epilepsy or special needs of any kind. He did seem to enjoy an unusually affectionate relationship with Mr. Travolta. I have no use for a "religion" that encourages it's adherents to deny their sexual preference, mental illness, deny treatment and necessary medication to their children and allow them to suffer in isolation like this poor boy did for sixteen long years. If he'd been born to any other parents, even those on Medicaid, he might have gotten the help and attention he needed and have been with us today. Poor boy.

2078 days ago


Any other time, you can't shut up Tom Cruise. I was seriously disappointed at his lack of words. He had to have known that those women were going to touch on that topic as well as Scientology. If he chose to do the "View" instead of being there for his friends, then he should have had something a little more worthwhile to say.

2078 days ago


They went soft on Cruise - the question that needed to be asked was if Jett's condition was considered (by Scientology) to be of a physical or psychological nature - because if it was deemed the latter, then the church would NOT have supported the use of medications to prevent his siezures (given Cruises' previous rants about mental illness).

2078 days ago


I wonder if Tom Cruise is re-writing the rules and beliefs of Scientology, because right on the Scientology website is says, "Moreover, the use of street drugs has proliferated since the mid-20th century at all levels of society, as well as prescription of mind and mood-altering drugs."

Having visited the Scientology church/center in Hollywood, I've taken a closer look at the literature that they provide their guests. YES THEY DO frown upon all prescription drugs!!!

2078 days ago


This is sad. Normally composed Tom is speechless. Hi friend lost a can anyone not feel bad for him.

2078 days ago


The guests at the funeral were all invited by the Travoltas..............I guess TommyBoy wasn't invited.

I think the Travoltas will be leaving Scientology in the near future - IF THEY CAN...........

2078 days ago


Why are you guys so obsessed with Scientology?! Get over it. The kid is gone. Let him be. Scientologist have enough money to buy and sell you. Shut up.

2078 days ago


Tom seems very sincere & looks like he is really hurting for the family. The Travolta's will need there friends more than ever to help them in there time of sorrow, maybe I'm wrong everyone grieves different so maybe they will want to be alone. Whatever they need, my prayers are with them. You can just feel the love pouring from this family, they love there children more than anything & I believe John & Kelly would have gave there own life to save there beautiful son Jett.

2078 days ago
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