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Rahm Emanuel -- Bigger Than the Big O

1/12/2009 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Further proof that the hierarchy of celebrity is different in D.C. than Hollywood -- for one restaurant in town, there is no bigger star than Rahm Emanuel.

The soon-to-be Chief of Staff is a regular at Rasika Restaurant. This Indian joint made it clear: The best table always goes to Rahm -- and that specifically includes you, Oprah, according to the hostess on duty.

We're told other than dealing with his order, waiters are told not to bother Mr E. But the waiters get theirs in the end -- we're told Rahm is a "fabulous tipper."


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so what..........

2073 days ago



2073 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Does Rahm get the 9 finger discount?

2073 days ago


how come no one care where i eat? celebrity always on the spot...

2073 days ago

Aunt Esther    

Sure, Rahm gets the royal treatment while those of us whose taxes will double under the Obama regime will be scrounging in dumpsters for our meals.

2073 days ago


I wonder where he gets the money for his big tips?

2073 days ago


Proof that jews are generous and the nazi propaganda was lies.

2073 days ago


"Hello people, Indian food sucks!"

2073 days ago


This is why Blago is so bitter. Rahm can afford to leave big tips - pay-for-play worked out for him.

2073 days ago


Why the hell do politicians get special treatment. They are supposed to be OUR servants! All of this eventually costs me and you more money by way of taxation. This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

2073 days ago


Lets see, Rahm will go to an Indian restaurant, do you think you'll ever find him at an Arabian, or Moroccan one? NO way...that guy wont come within 10 yards of a Muslim or anything as non Jewish as Arabians. He is as hateful to them as his Father, a Terrorist growing up back in 48 during the creation of the State of Israel was and still is today---only Rahm is the Presidents right hand man now...Imagine what Obamas stance on anything Israel is going to be with Rahm whispering his hatred for all things Arabian into his ear.

Go look up what Rahms own Father recently said after his son was appointed----about his still brewing hatred for all that are Arabian.

Gaza is ablaze and you can bet any position Obama takes on it or Israel for the next 4 years will be only what Rahm tells him it should be...and Rahm is as pro Jewish Israel as they come. If you're jewish, you're ok---if you're not---may your own god help you because Rahm will not.

he even served his country...except Rahm didnt serve the US, he worked for the Israeli Army serving his country.

Unbelieveable...Not Change we can Believe in with Rahm as Obamas right hand man and what he will tell him about all who are not jewish nor of Israel.

have a Nice meal Rahm...big tipper huh? That thief is a Chicago democratic machine created candidate that cheated his way into office playing with dirty people on the way up...go look it up....uh, pass the Curry sauce please Rahm.

2073 days ago


This guy is a stinking pile of dirt, for sure. He comes from the dirtiest state, Illinois.

This is one Jew that fits every cliche. Dirty as a Jew can be, or anyone for that matter. The people that voted for Obama got themselves the cream of the crop for a Chief of Staff. Good thing he is not in the succesion line for the Presidency.

2073 days ago


He is one of another 'crook' from Chicago. He can't be trusted.

2073 days ago


Virulent anti-semitism going on here. Have you even asked what his stance is on Gaza? No you don't have a clue. He probably just wants the violence to end, like most people in Obama's cabinate.

And indians are farther away from jews genetically than arabs, so get a grip "Brubaker". He doesn't hate everyone other than jews ...

2073 days ago


of course he is big tipper..they received millions of dollars from terrorist countries. they have to spend it now

2073 days ago
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