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Obama's New Decorator -- You Be the Judge

1/13/2009 8:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The White House private quarters will be gussied up by interior designer Michael Smith. The dude has decorated the homes of Steven Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Smith is big into antiques that feel "airy and family friendly" -- whatever that means.

So look at the gallery and tell us....


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Ms.Oppinionated! :)    

i think.. honestly.. it looks way too OLD and WHITE!.. it should be young, vibrant, and have some definite black spices in there! :)

2079 days ago


the whitehouse meets the hamptons sort of.

2079 days ago


Angelo or Vern from HGTV could do a better job!

2079 days ago

Carrys F.    

I'm glad to see my tax dollars being spent so wisely - top designers - while the country is in a recession.

2079 days ago



2079 days ago


Is Obama going through major denial that there is truly a recession going on? Who is paying for the "gussie up" procedure tot take place..............hmmmm, I guess we all are!

Hang on folks, it is going to be a VERY long four years!

2079 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I'm glad that someone is changing it from that god awful Bush "cow pattie and tumbleweed" theme. It will take at least a week to get rid of the Bush "cooties."

2079 days ago


nope, perhaps it would be pretty in an old queens abode, but not for a the new prez.

2079 days ago


Every new President gets to redecorate the WH and the Oval Office to suit his families tastes and needs. Yes, we're in hard times, but I don't see why that means that BHO should be forced to live in the "Texas Chic" stlye of the Crawford Hillbillies. I doubt the Obams will spend us into 13 Trillion debt on some new curtains like the privious doofus.

As for the decorator, if that's his best work, I'm not impressed. Have to go with Janet on this. Vern from HGTV wpuld be more awesomer.

BTW, Laura Bush just spent over $450,000 on new China, which is also a tradition of Presidents who serve 2 terms. It's some fancy gold rimmed stuff. But hey, after Thirteen Trillion Dollars of debt, whatsn another half mill from the worse prezeldent ever.

But as Barbara Bush (the elder) might say (to paraphrase) they are black and raised poor, so whatever crumbs we leave will work good for them.

2079 days ago


If they want something hip and functional they should hire Thom Felicia from "Queer Eye" to do the designing. The bathrooms and the kitchens look nice though.

2079 days ago

I'm just saying is all.....    

COME ON, girls in private school, a gas guzzling ride, Lobster Dinner, mother in law moving in, and NOW a tax-payer- paid Hollywood decorator!! Our tab keeps growing doesn't it? Why do the living quarters NEED to be redecorated anyway? Come on, I am sure they can work with what they have, America simply cannot afford to pay someone to decorate the Obama's living quaters, and we shouldn't have to!

2079 days ago


Who is paying for this? Could someone do some real reporting and find out?
Is this Obama $$ or tax payers $$??

2079 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

I'll do it, charge half as much, and it'll look twice as good.

2079 days ago


To Ms. Opinionated-The decor may look Old and White but the money that paid for it is New and Green! Personally, I like a little more color in my decor....and my president! I'm sure he'll bring enough color to liven up that old white house!! Go big O!!!(and I don't mean OPRAH!)

2079 days ago


"8. i think.. honestly.. it looks way too OLD and WHITE!.. it should be young, vibrant, and have some definite black spices in there! :)

Posted at 6:43PM on Jan 13th 2009 by Ms.Oppinionated! :)"

Jokes on you. He's more white than he is black. You will soon see.

2079 days ago
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