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Yes We Tropicana!

1/14/2009 11:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We were staring at this Tropicana ad all day yesterday. It's pretty clear to us Tropicana has put the squeeze on Barack Obama and Malia.

Remember the days when OJ was pure....

UPDATE -- A rep for Tropicana tells us, "While the similarity was unintentional, it's good to hear that the images in our new Tropicana campaign entitled "Squeeze, it's a natural" are resonating with consumers and are reflective of American families - even the first family. We're glad to see they squeeze too."


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Thank you, TMZ. I love the Obamas...

2106 days ago


I love how people love people they have never met.. sheeple

Anyhow to the Xenophobes that voted "The American Way" Sorry, we don't have a monopoly on it. England was doing tthis well before we were.

2106 days ago


Okay, Mr Obama had to have approved his and his daughters image to be used on this ad. Typically this type of "modeling" is a compensated "gig" people don't just do this for free. So what you are saying now is the person who is to be running this country in a non bias way toward private enterprise is now a spokes person for a private company. NICE, way to sale out America. His office should be respected not sold.

2106 days ago


Can we just swear him in and get through the 4 years already. Its going to be a long 4 years though. Hopefully the ecomony will survive his term as president.

2106 days ago

Lord Xenu    

At least it wasnt OJ SIMPSON and his daughter.

Now that would have been going way too far.

People are expecting Obama to be a Messiah - what they will get is the black Jimmy Carter. Before the end of his first term he will appear on TV in a cardigan sweater telling us all to turn down our thermostats and freeze (while the Whitehouse will be a balmy 76 degrees) - despite what they keep droning on about Global Warming. Right now its 28 below zero.

2106 days ago


You morons. It's obviously not Obama, just someone who resembles him from that angle. You think the president-elect would be in an ad for orange juice? I am quickly losing the little respect I had for Americans. Thank goodness for all the people the US lets in from foreign countries - it reduces the amount of inbreeding!

2106 days ago

Another pointless story....    

I Could care less....

2106 days ago


Since when is an ad portraying a father and daughter a parody of the Obama's? Give it a break already!!! Not everything revolves around the Obama family. In my opinion what's really sad is that the Obama's have no problem putting EVERY part of their children's lives on public display. Should make for some great therapy sessions in a few years.

2106 days ago


Hey comment #1, that kool-aid must have tested so good!
Barack fools us
Whole world will pay for America's electoral mistake
Last Updated: 8th November 2008, 3:41am

2106 days ago

Proud American    

Watch what you write Puffer that's a child. You are making out like pervert....TMZ the daughter in the picture is Sasha. Malia is the younger. And for the person not caring....that is you right. Like I am glad to see the Bushes finally leave. Good Ridiance

2106 days ago


When will the adulation stop? He's just another politician.

2106 days ago


the only problem here is that there's a fine line between 'exploitive' and 'the american way'.

2106 days ago

Proud American    

The children of the First elect family will be watched just like the Bush family was watched. However, if you remember the Bush family showed under age drinking and partying and no one made a stink about it. So, if the Obama family want to do an ad for Tropicana juices that should be fine...this could get the young people to get on the right track instead of drinking beer or whatever.,,,the new first family will inspiring them to head for a better life style. And for the narrow minded comment this life style may help you to think better when you make comments about someone. But then again that is because of that poor health from not eating or drinking healthy including the brain cause right now you are suffering from ignorance.

2106 days ago

Proud American    

As for a politician it is up to us the American people to appoint the right one in office,....which was failed with this last eight year election. So understand there is more to the politician then that. Take a class in college maybe you will understand better about politics.

2106 days ago


WTF are you even talking about? One has nothing to do with the other. Do you think that is Obama and his daughter on the box? They put a black man on the box and you ASSume it's portraying Obama. Bunch of tards!

2106 days ago
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