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Jay-Z Jacks Jeezy's Jam

1/20/2009 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone hates a stage crasher -- unless the guy who jumps on stage is one of the greatest rappers alive.

During Young Jeezy's performance Sunday night at LOVE Nightclub in D.C., Jay-Z grabbed a mic and rapped a few of Jeezy's verses -- while Akon hovered overhead and let the master go to work.

FUN FACT: Young Jeezy's backstage demands were Skittles, Lays BBQ potato chips and Belvedere vodka.


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The Boss    

Bow down to the jigga man

2068 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

"greatest rappers alive." That is going on someone's bathroom mirror.

2068 days ago


Would someone please tell me where in the world is EMINEM? Everyone knows he is the for real greatest Rapper in the world except he is MIA. EMINEM COME BACK.....COME BACK!

2068 days ago


Yep, you so right with the title!!!Jay-z is indeed the greatest rapper of all time! I love this men, he is just awesome. He is the best performer of our generation and very talented.
Except that he has a selfish wife, that men is gifted!!!

2068 days ago


those were not young jeezy lines, it was a remix

2068 days ago


Is that Jalen Rose in the glasses behind Jigga?.. lol..

2068 days ago


Y'know - it all sucks. A bunch of baggy pants posers, even worse - the fools who pay money to hear them. Pirhanas that feed off the poor.

2068 days ago


EMINEM is just about to release his album called Relapse. His very best friend, like a brother with a different mother was killed outside a hood-bar in detroit. i just read his new book called THE WAY I AM, which i hope helped him with his greif about PROOF. i love EMINEM, and i hope he got enough time, and maybe coucil to help! he knows words are powerful, and good councilors are undeniable.

2068 days ago


It looks like recreation time at the State Penn!!!

2067 days ago


Thats a good look, Jay-Z the man from to streets gone to the penthouse & Young Jeezy working his way up as well. To comment what someone said about Jay-Z not being the best, Listen I Love Eminem, that dude is crazy nice although Hip Hop started out in the park, you know, in the Bronx, NY and it was about partying and also the voice of the streets and that is what Jay-Z has giving to his listeners. He gave the hard stories of Brooklyn, NY, stuff that the News and parts of America just couldn't understand unless someone like himself was able to give an understanding and answer the questions that some listeners would like to know. Writing and Rapping is one thing story telling in another. Jay-Z stand up.

2048 days ago

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