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Jessica Alba Says He's an "A-Hole!"

1/20/2009 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Alba has a reputation for being downright nasty around paparazzi -- but apparently she's just that way. Her latest Alba victim: Bill O'Reilly.

Jessica & Bill: Click to watch


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Jessica Alba - so not relevant - and so full of herself. She really needs to go away with all the other celebrities who think they can influence the political agenda because they are a tv or movie star, singer or whatever. She gags me.

2065 days ago


POT CALLINGE KETTLE ITS JESSICA CAN YOU HEAR ME. She is such an idiot. Stick to making bad movies (oh wait you havent made any movies in yrs).

2065 days ago


I watched that footage on O'Reilly last night...that dumb b%tch can't even put together a decent sentence without stuttering and she can't even give reasons to back up her statements...she doesn't even watch his would she know...ah, love these celebrity liberals!

PS: Jessica, your bangs looks stupid and God shall reward your stupidity by making your boobs sag and your kid ugly!

2065 days ago


Why does this person get so much press? She is a bad boring actress, a dull person, and is cute but nothing special.

2065 days ago


12. What else would you expect from an uninformed democratic two bit whore. People who actually watch O'Reilly actually know that he is fair and respectful person. People who dislike him wouldn't be caught dead watching FOX news and spew their hate from pure hate gossip. Go back into your liberal hole Obama girl Alba. Evil never takes a rest, does it. Typical hypocritical victim liberal. Do us a favor. Go serve your Messiah. B. Hussein Obama is waiting for your money and service.

Posted at 1:27PM on Jan 20th 2009 by Democrats are evil

You sound like the evil one with your hate-fueled, bitch fit. Do me a favor and shut up! Jeez, when are you conservatives gonna accept that what's done is done. Cry about it all you want, but Obama is the President and you're little temper tantrums aren't going to change a thing. In no way is Obama, my Messiah, but he is definitely a breath of fresh air after the Bush administration, because you know they did such a great job over the last 8 years.

2064 days ago


Bill has his moments when he is wrong in my opinion but he is fair and says alot that is true. The real Ahole is Keith Oberman talk about being one sided as for Jessica you support Obama so cough up more in taxes and give back more of your wealth like Obama wants.

2064 days ago


GOOD GIRL JESS! i used to hate her because of what she said about my home state new mexico but all is forgiven after what she said about bill o the clown

2064 days ago


Jessica, your 15 minutes of fame for being cute are over. You have no talent and emotional issues such as a history of obsessive-compulsive disorder. You barely graduated high school due all of your other issues. You have been manipulated by older men your entire life as you have stated that your idea life partner would be somebody like Morgan Freeman or Sean Connery. Find an older man that isn’t a flaming Liberal and maybe he would tell you to do your research, make your own decisions, and be prepared to back those opinions up with logic BEFORE running your mouth.

2064 days ago


EWW! Not a flattering for jessica alba. Is she an actress or a model? She seems ignorant based on this clip...Sometimes it is best not to comment-i think. Especially in this context! Stick to selling facial lotions and cover-up make-up!

2064 days ago


I LOVE BILL O'REILLY!!!!!!! Any of you that dislike him obviously have not seen his show. He says what he thinks. And he is not a Republican or Democrat. I think he is fair minded individual.

2064 days ago


I watch the Factor, and I also watch Olberman and the occasional Mathews to prove that I'm not dogmatic. And O'Reilly really is a fair guy on his show. He painstakingly makes it a point to bring in an opposing side to his segments; he wants to make sure that people really do get both sides of the argument. I would stop watching his show otherwise because then it would just be no to hear from one side only. But Jessica Alba here is a prime example of the young mentality that I see in a lot of my nearby UT students, where they form their political mentality from what's seen as cool and trendy rather than from individuality. I know I know, it's hard to believe that young people seek to conform by emulating their fellow peers (sarcasm btw), but that blanket statement of hers, one that she can't even back up with a ready example, is proof.

2064 days ago


Learn how to act, because acting classless doesn't suit you.

2064 days ago


OBVIOUSLY the people bashing bill havnt seen the show. im not a rep or dem, but he tells the truth and if you like living in lala land then you shouldnt hear it. watch it and i dare you to say he isnt right.

2064 days ago


william-true, im 21 and all the tards around me are the same. whatever the celebs say is hot. bleh.

2064 days ago

Troy Biker    

How ironic to hear this little self absorbed bitch rip FOX. It was FOX that gave Alba her first big role in Dark Angel. Of course, we don't expect most actresses to have IQs above their bra size but Jessica is even dumber than that. Why?
Because any celeb should know (or their educated agent/lawyer should tell them) that America is a deeply divided
country politically- about 50-50. So when an actress, singer, etc. makes political comments, especially such disrespectful
ones, it pisses off half of their fans. Stupid business decision, wouldn't you say?Just ask the Dixie Chicks. Never mind the fact that these folks have difficulty with anything from big words to revolving doors. News flash, Jess, you're not that cute! Jessica Biel is THE Jessica, much hotter and has enough common sense not to step in it like you. Your only talents are
T & A and you haven't done that since The Sleeping Dictionary, making the watching of any of your flicks tedious and
uninteresting. I've placed you on my Hollywood A-Hole list, along with Danny De Vito, Danny Glover , George Clooney
and Johnny Depp. I choose not to watch any of their films. Get a brain, Jessica, it comes in real handy on planet Earth!

2064 days ago
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