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Mel Gibson: The Passion of the Stache

1/20/2009 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former hunk Mel Gibson rocked his best trailer park Conquistador-chic look by sporting a wife-beater tank top, a slight baby bump and New World explorer mustache and beard in Mexico City on Monday.

The 53-year-old rehabbed star went south of the border to direct a music video for some Russian singer named Oksana (not Baiul).


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PEPSI Generation    


2069 days ago

The Dude    

When did Mel turn into Dirty Sanchez?

2069 days ago

tom in Chicago    

He Is Still SUPER HOT!!!
Let see what Shia LaDouche looks like at 50+

2069 days ago


Mel looks great.

Let's post some pictures of TMZ's head honcho and let the readers of this site critique those, hahaha, I can
imagine the kind words people would have to say about him.

Mel is an amazing actor and profoundly talented filmmaker. I can't wait for his next movie where he plays a cop.
"The Passion" is THE movie of the last 100 years. Everybody I know who saw it was deeply moved, and have
never experienced anything close to that level of emotional response in a movie before.

Too bad Mel's detractors will never forgive him for daring to make such a movie in today's anti-Christian world.
But Christ did tell his followers that they would be hated, as He was also hated while on earth.

2069 days ago


I think he still looks pretty hot. Go Mel.

2069 days ago


What do you mean FORMER??!! Inspite of his shot comings a few years ago, Mel is still hot, sexy and attractive for a man in his 50s.

I agree with Candace--

C'mon Harvey, put up some of your pix and let us have a laugh or two.

You know, every time I see you on your TMZ show you're alway drinking something from a straw. Too many sugary calories (if that's what you're consuming) will make you look like Greasy Bear, Harvey!!

2069 days ago


Mel still rocks my world.

2069 days ago


Hey Candace,

The Passion was one of the worst movies ever. It was so far from the truth, that anyone that actually bought into that crap is just a complete uneducated, moron. Go read a book on history. Also, don't support a guy that is a jew-hating, racist, as*hole. Or maybe that says something about who you are the fact that it was the christians who first tried to wipe jews off the planet. If you are so keen on your christian faith, you should know Jesus was jewish as well as everyone around him that made the Christian religion. There would be no Christianity without the Jewish Religion, so when Mel talks of jews being wiped out, maybe he should also read a book on the actual religion he supports and where it comes from. There is a little real history for you. Again, don't support a racist person, you make yourself look like a horrible human-being. Or at least, now I have educated you on the man you are supporting. Please don't anymore.

2069 days ago


So over Mel...ignorant racist anti-semite bigot!

2069 days ago


hey,the song iz called"where did you go my sweet sugar tit'z" & the ruskie version iz a hit allready.............

2069 days ago


Still looks 100x better than Spencer Pratt, Pete Wenz, and all of the other morons that TMZ, E!, People and a whole host of others are so fond of that they keep showing and interviewing.

Give me Mel at his absolute worst before those twinkies anyday!!

2069 days ago


Oh TMZ you have failed me again. Oksana is the Russian lady he is rumored to be having an affair with back in Sept. I don't need pictures of Mel, he is hot no matter what. What I want are pictures to show me if he is having an affair or not.

2068 days ago


I think Harvey is sexy!

2068 days ago

Get Over It    

TMZ is still mad about Mel's drunken conversation with police. GET OVER IT ALREADY. lol

2068 days ago


Body = Yum!
Moustache = 70's Porn

2068 days ago
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