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Ed Norton -- U Can't Touch This!

1/21/2009 5:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ed Norton is giving perennially-pissed off Jessica Alba a run for her money. Last night at the Creative Coalition Gala in D.C., an autograph seeker dared to touch Ed's sacred coat. Ed reacted with the F command.

Ed Norton: Click to watch


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Poor ed. I think people just need to get a life and leave good guys like him alone. I prob. would have done the same thing if some annoying child like guy kept bothering me and then decided he had the right to lay a hand on me! I dont blame edward and I would tell him to do that again!!! Just cause he is a celeb, doesnt give you the right to harrass him.

2075 days ago


And rightfully so! He was polite at the beginning and the fan wouldn't let up.

2108 days ago


wow. so any dumbass with a videocamera can be a paparazzi now and ask the most retarded and absurd and non eventful questions just to get a reaction? well .. you got a reaction from him. "great question" and "take your f**king hands off of me".

clearly some people who try to be paps have absolutely zero business doing it... and make the true professionals look bad. it's guys like this that caused people to propose Paparizzi Laws to protect public figures from the paps.

this is proof that there should be a Paparazzi school.

2108 days ago


Wow... What a surprise another arrogant a&*hole celebrity .I don't think I'm watching his movies ever again

2108 days ago


if i had 15 seconds with edward norton i would have come up with some better questions than that... the "pap" is an idiot!!

2108 days ago


Seriously? People consider him an arrogant guy for that? Some douchebag fan who doesn't understand someones personal space. Hell no he's not arrogant, anyone in his shoes would react the same. Paps always catch the tail end of sh*t, he likely had something turn him unhappy. And don't grab a guy you don't know just because he's a celebrity. Idiots

2108 days ago


That's not an autograph seeker thats a person trying to get an autograph to sell on the internet. You make edward sound so horrible because he didn't give a fan an autograph but really he didn't give a dealer.

2108 days ago


hey now....he'z a prick!!!All movie & tv star'z should all bow down to there fan'z!!!That'z why they got into the bizzness in the 1st place...not to just take the money & run..........................

2108 days ago


He is one actor who you don't see a lot of publicly. Some go out of their way for this stupid attention, some don't need it. I have the utmost respect for this guy!!!

2108 days ago

Willis Drummond    

Norton had every right to act that way. He was being hounded by losers.

2108 days ago


From the start of the video - and probably earlier than that - this guy, who didn't look like a pap, was badgering and "begging" him for something. Norton told the guy he had to get in but the fan wouldn't let up. Just because he is an actor doesn't mean he has to allow fans to pull and tug at him. He obviously didn't know this guy and probably felt a little threatened by him. For TMZ or anyone to suggest that he got angry because someone touched his coat is ridiculous. Are the TMZ staff writer so stupid that they actually believe it was about his coat, or do you just believe that we are that stupid to believe whatever you write? Just know that some of us look at things logically and objectively.

2108 days ago


5. 'Wow... What a surprise another arrogant a&*hole celebrity .I don't think I'm watching his movies ever again"

If you hate celebrities so much shouldn't you be on another site?

2108 days ago


he is in NO way as miserable as Alba. I don't like to be touched by strangers either.

She's just a bitch.

2108 days ago


Its called having respect and appreciation for your fans. In the time it took for him to reject the fan, he could have just taken a picture or signed an autograph and came off looking gracious rather than looking like a giant prick.

2108 days ago


I don't think this had anything to do with his coat TMZ! The guy didn't want to be touched. I think he gave the pap plenty indication that he wasn't interested in his asinine questions. Maybe if the dolt had something intelligent to say it would have been different. If I was Ed Norton I would have done the same thing!!!!

Thank God for actors like Ed Norton. He is intelligent and talented. He didn't go into acting for the money or the fame. He is GOOD at what he does and he enjoys it.

2108 days ago
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